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Energy Kids.  There are so many healthy, fun and beneficial Green Projects related to educating our Children.

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naturally fight against infection of west nile virus

English: The proboscis of an Aedes albopictus ...

English: The proboscis of an Aedes albopictus mosquito feeding on human blood. Under experimental conditions the Aedes albopictus mosquito, also known as the Asian Tiger Mosquito, has been found to be a vector of West Nile Virus. Aedes is a genus of the Culicine family of mosquitoes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although many counties are seeing the same new species of bird, appropriately named the mosquito, we all must be diligent about mitigating contraction of the west nile virus.

There are many ways to reduce the mosquito population around your own home but you cannot control your becoming dinner to these guys that are starving elsewhere you go.

Choose an over the counter protection with as few harmful toxic chemicals as possible or make up your own non-toxic concoction.  Many prefer Neem oil and I could name at least a dozen cultural options but will get right to what has worked for me for years.

Something I learned over a decade ago when living without screens in the West Indies.

  • inexpensive unscented lotion
  • if bottle is 8oz, use 7 drops each of cinnamon oil and clove oil.  If larger or smaller, adjust accordingly, you may increase clove oil by 3 drops but know the scent will strengthen as well.
  • Shake vigorously before each application.
  • These natural oils may burn your skin; test for sensitivity prior to applying to body and I found it safe for cheeks and neck as well

WARNING:  pure oils may burn your skin with direct contact, please mix as above before testing.

Remain vigilant and protect yourselves, your elders and your children.  BIC… CSea

Major progress in removing toxic chemicals from consumer products

Great news heard this morning on CBS.

Noting that Johnson & Johnson recognizes the toxic chemicals in their products and have stated they will remove them from all their products by 2015.

So relieved to see they have admitted it and will have toxic chemicals removed from Baby products by 2013 and the rest of their products by 2015.

We have tolerated (most likely without full knowledge or disclosure) these chemicals because of synthetics having a lower price tag.

In order for us to use non-toxic shampoo, soap, moisturizers etc, we have to up the ante and pay more for safety.

What is right with this picture?  What is wrong with this picture.

We call ourselves ‘mitigatetoxins’ on Twitter for a reason.

Joy to J&J now hoping the rest of the industry follows suit.

A Plan B worth the look

We are pleased to take this invite and pay it forward.  The growing rates of the unemployment, the 20+ thousand being laid off with the space program, Gulf Coast businesses and on and on and on…  Want to cure your present situation?

The great news is that Keith and Dan created a totally unique pay plan (pays out daily onto a debit card) that allows anyone to own a business that generates personal income with a superior by-product of supporting the many fleets requiring high amount of fossil fuel to operate.

The Commercial side (option) in your business provides the clean air act solution to them.  Many areas of the business to work or not to work; you choose.

Join us this evening to learn how to proudly

get your life back on track,

put extra income in your pocket and reduce fleet

fuel expense, maintenance and toxic emissions.


1-712-338-8235 passcode: 77524#

9pm EST – 6pm PST.

The Fuel Business Team

Sunscreen Danger – What’s In Your Sunscreen

Posted: 16 Jul 2010 09:00 AM PDT

You put on sunscreen because it is important for your skin’s health, right?  In this day and age of skin cancer, most of us have been taught to wear sunscreen daily, especially on our faces, in all weather and all seasons.  Lately, however, some concerns have been raised regarding the safety of […] Related posts:

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  3. 5 Best Ways to Lower Risk of Cancer

Always grateful and pleased to “pass it on” when it comes to Green Life ‘s invaluable education… CSea

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