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Competitive commercial – residential Electric Rates for TX

Rates for 09/17/2010

Commercial Rates
12 months
24 months
36 months
Houston Zone (CenterPoint):
7.05 7.35 7.59
North Zone (OnCor):
6.82 7.10 7.32
South Zone (AEP Central):
6.80 7.06 7.25
West Zone (AEP North):
6.59 6.82 7.08
Residential Rates
12 months
24 months
36 months
Houston Zone (CenterPoint):
10.5 11.1 13.3
North Zone (OnCor):
10.3 10.9 12.9
South Zone (AEP Central):
10.3 10.9 13.3
West Zone (AEP North):
10.3 10.9 12.7

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why I am grateful

Here are a few of the many reasons

my attitude of gratitude grows daily.

attitude is action

Image credit given to http://fotosearch.com and CSea Perkins

Volusia / Flagler County Florida EcoNet Event

Herb and Butterfly Festival

Wondering how to best use that mulch you have been composting?  Learn from the experts.

Very exciting Eco Event through “The EcoNet”, see details below and links to additional information … CSea

Florida EcoNet

Unify & support efforts creating a progressive & sustainable environment for all

Florida EcoNet (The EcoNet)

Florida EcoNet (The EcoNet) has invited you to the event ‘Full Moon Butterfly & Herb Festival’ on Florida EcoNet!

Check out “Full Moon Butterfly & Herb Festival” on Florida EcoNet

Florida EcoNet (The EcoNet)

Time: June 19, 2010 from 10am to 2pm
Location: Full Moon Natives Nursery
Organized By: Full Moon Natives

Event Description:
Saturday, June 19
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Schedule of Events

10:00 – 10:45 Learn How to Make Your Own Herb Infused Vinegars by Linda Johnson
BYOB and you can create your own custom blend, please select a clear, narrow neck bottle with a cork.

11:00 – 11:45 Butterfly Gardening w/Native Plants and Herbs by Kevin Bagwell

12:00 – 12:45 Herb Culinary Lesson by Barbara Kieran
Chef Barbara will be preparing an Herb Encrusted Turkey Breast, Basil Pesto, Savory Bread Dip and Rosemary Lemon Punch – which you get to sample!

1:00 – 1:45 Growing Herbs in Containers, Gardens & Landscapes by Kevin Bagwell

ongoing Planting a Dish Garden by Carla McDougal
Demonstrations throughout the morning in the nursery. Bring your own pot, purchase your herbs and we will help you plant your dish garden.

Let a butterfly land on your cheek….FREE Butterfly Face Painting by Cat

Spend the morning with Full Moon Natives, bring your camera – the wood ducks, butterflies, egret or woodpeckers may be out. We’ll have sitting areas so you can enjoy the serenity of nature or test your skills with a game of croquet or holey board.

Seminars are free to the public – reservations are requested so we have handouts available for all participants. Refreshments and light snacks will be provided.

Call 386.212.9923 or email your reservation to vette@fullmoonnatives.com

See more details and RSVP on Florida EcoNet:


About Florida EcoNet

We are currently serving the Volusia & Flagler counties. Our first pilot project is turning Downtown Daytona Beach into a green district.

45 members
20 photos
32 Events

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Feed that stag bananas

goes bananas for bananas

If you own one of these wonderful ‘staghorn ferns’ (Platycerium) they absolutely love bananas, as do many other plants.

How to Use Bananas as Fertilizer


By an eHow Contributing Writer

Bananas are rich in both phosphorus and potassium which are important macro-nutrients plants need. Rose bushes in particular benefit from added potassium; however, all potassium fertilizers are extremely expensive. Banana peels are a natural source of the phosphorus and potassium found in expensive fertilizers, but why buy when making your own banana fertilizer is as easy as tossing the skins?

Difficulty: Moderate


  1. Step 1

Add banana peels regularly to your compost bin, if you happen to have one. The high levels of phosphorus and potassium are an essential addition to your homemade fertilizer. Whole banana peels break down fairly rapidly; however for faster decomposition, cut the peels into small pieces.

  1. Step 2

Cut a banana peel into small pieces and mix them up with fresh soil for an added boost when planting a new plant. Banana peels can be mixed into the soil around plants, shrubs and trees at any time for an added fertilizer. If you happen to have access to a banana tree, add leaves, stalks and skins to your soil as well.

  1. Step 3

Toss a banana peel onto the ground around your shrubs, flowers or in your garden as an extra fertilizer every time you enjoy a banana. The peels disintegrate and are absorbed into the ground quickly.

  1. Step 4

Use small pieces of banana peels to add fertilizer to your garden mulch. When cleaning up the yard in the spring and summer, adding a boost of potassium and phosphorus rich banana peels can help your plants grow and flower better than ever.

The Power of timing … The Time to Act

proto credit Omar Smith

Today I chose to change my way of thinking and see just how much power I held within.

Envision a very unusual occurrence and one I remain very uncomfortable with.  An inch of snow / sleet accumulated on the sheets covering my rare tropical plants to protect them from ‘forecasted’ damage.  The rest of the world is thinking, so what.  I receive that.

It was tearing my heart out, yet I quickly realized I had done all I could to protect them.  It is what it is. It is Daytona Beach, on the beach and snowing.  Crazy weather circling the globe.

Once I got back into the house and it wasn’t much warmer than outside, warmer being the operative word.

Easy resolution; closed my eyes and pictured myself vacationing in CO, where I expected it to be cold.  Holding up the fireplace was a favorite ‘hobby’; still is. It’s all good, it’s all in the attitude and being at peace within.  Redirecting energy to create comfort; good stuff.

Enough of the dry humor and on to some value for you.  ENJOY your days and nights everyone; be happy and warm… CSea

Now for a very empowering read by none other than Jim Rohn (may he RIP)


The Time to Act by Jim Rohn

Engaging in genuine discipline requires that you develop the ability to take action. You don’t need to be hasty if it isn’t required, but you don’t want to lose much time, either.

Here’s the time to act: when the idea is hot and the emotion is strong.

Let’s say you would like to build your library. If that is a strong desire for you, what you’ve got to do is get the first book. Then get the second book. Take action as soon as possible, before the feeling passes and before the idea dims. If you don’t, here’s what happens:


We intend to take action when the idea strikes us. We intend to do something when the emotion is high. But if we don’t translate that intention into action fairly soon, the urgency starts to diminish. A month from now, the passion is cold. A year from now, it can’t be found.

So take action. Set up a discipline when the emotions are high and the idea is strong, clear and powerful. If somebody talks about good health and you’re motivated by it, you need to get a book on nutrition. Get the book before the idea passes, before the emotion gets cold. Begin the process. Fall on the floor and do some push-ups. You’ve got to take action; otherwise, the wisdom is wasted. The emotion soon passes unless you apply it to a disciplined activity. Discipline enables you to capture the emotion and the wisdom and translate them into action. The key is to increase your motivation by quickly setting up the disciplines. By doing so, you’ve started a whole-new life process.

Here is the greatest value of discipline: self-worth, also known as self-esteem. Many people who are teaching self-esteem these days don’t connect it to discipline. But once we sense the least lack of discipline within ourselves, it starts to erode our psyche. One of the greatest temptations is to just ease up a little bit. Instead of doing your best, you allow yourself to do just a little less than your best. Sure enough, you’ve started in the slightest way to decrease your sense of self-worth.

There is a problem with even a little bit of neglect. Neglect starts as an infection. If you don’t take care of it, it becomes a disease. And one neglect leads to another. Worst of all, when neglect starts, it diminishes our self-worth.

Once this has happened, how can you regain your self-respect?

All you have to do is act now! Start with the smallest discipline that corresponds to your own philosophy.

Make the commitment: “I will discipline myself to achieve my goals so that in the years ahead I can celebrate my successes.”

avoid cell phone cancer statistics, get laptop EMF protection

Cell / Mobile / Laptop EMF Protection

Thanksgiving / Black Friday EMF SPECIAL cell phone / laptop protection against the danger of low level electromagnetic radiation.

In gratitude for all your gadgets, protect YOU and all your loved ones


effective communications – ‘competition’ topic arises


Competition is NOT a natural disaster, it is expected. Photo credit Joe Potrebenko, TS Ida results.

Michael Oliver has just sent me this great tip.  Have a read and see if this relates to your life.  He is offering effective communications… CSea


Here’s a tip that could help you with your business.

When you’re talking with people about your products, you may come across someone who is not only using a competing product, but who is a raving fan of that product.

On the face of it, that doesn’t seem a very promising situation.

However, here’s a suggestion for you.

When the other person has finished telling you how much they love the other product, simply say…

“That’s great.  I’d be interested, is there anything you would change about your present product if you could?  Or, is there anything that you don’t like about it?”

You’ll be surprised at how often the other person will reveal to you that, in fact, there are some things that could be better.

In many cases the difference between what they have and what they really want is the clue and opportunity for you to introduce your product as either an alternative or a complement to what they are currently using. This is assuming of course you can fill the gap.


Selfless plug for Michael … The situation I’ve just discussed is one example of the many things I cover in my CD program “Introducing Your Business And Products” (it’s covered in a role play called “How To Be An Effective Product Consultant”).

There are 8 role plays included in this audio program, each one dealing with a typical situation that you face as you build your business.  Listening to and preparing for these situations will automatically increase your effectiveness and help you address those situations easily so that you can get on with building your business.

And right now, when you order your copy of “Introducing Your Business And Products” before Midnight (Pacific Time) this Saturday November 7th, you can get them for $35 instead of the normal $47..

For the full details, simply click on the following link…


Have a peaceful and prosperous week…


Climate Law Seen Raising Gasoline 13 Cents A Gallon

fueling tankDate: 03-Nov-09
Country: US
Author: Timothy Gardner

NEW YORK – U.S. climate legislation would hike gasoline prices about 13 cents a gallon as oil companies push the price of carbon permits on to consumers, according to report by Point Carbon, an independent consulting company that tracks global carbon and energy markets.

The analysts did not share the oil industry’s view that a U.S. cap-and-trade system to curb greenhouse gas emissions would decimate demand for gasoline and force large numbers of refineries to shut down.

Climate legislation being debated in the Senate after passing in the House of Representatives narrowly in June would force big polluters to hold carbon credits for every tonne of carbon they emit.

Point Carbon analyst Emilie Mazzacurati said oil companies would face substantial carbon permit costs under the legislation because they would get few of the permits the government would distribute to companies during the first years of a cap-and-trade program.

But that should not hurt integrated oil companies very much, she said, because they could largely pass the costs on to consumers in the form of higher fuel prices.

If carbon prices average about $15 a tonne, about half the level at which price controls could start to kick in, oil companies would would boost gasoline prices about 5 percent from current levels, or 13 cents a gallon, the report said.

Exxon Mobil Corp, for example, could face about $5.9 billion a year in carbon permit prices, but would be able to recoup all but about $277 million of that, the report said.

“They are just going to increase prices, which is going to allow them to recover the money they are spending buying (carbon) allowances,” Mazzacurati said.

Point Carbon assumed the fuel price rise would not be enough to reduce demand for gasoline.

Power generators could face higher costs than oil companies, Point Carbon said, because they are not as free to boost electricity rates, which are controlled by state governments.

That means power generators who burn large amounts of coal would face big permit costs they would not be able to recover.

Utility Southern Co would face the highest costs of the largest emitters in the energy business, Point Carbon said. Carbon regulation could cost Southern an amount equal to about 3 percent of its yearly revenue.

“Climate legislation should not be about winners and losers but protecting the economy, our customers, and the economy,” said a Southern spokeswoman in an email.

Power generators that rely more on low-carbon power sources could make out quite well. Exelon Corp, which owns the country’s biggest nuclear power fleet, could see its annual revenue jump 9 percent, Point Carbon said.

That’s because Exelon would not have to buy large amounts of carbon permits that the big coal burners would, but they would be able to take advantage of any higher power prices that resulted from national emissions regulation.

Reprint from Reuters (Editing by David Gregorio and Lisa Shumaker)

The #1 Way to Fight Global Warming


Do Your Part


Support a clean car standard to save us money at the pump, make our country more secure, and fight global warming!

What’s the single biggest step we can take to reduce global warming emissions?

Give up? The answer is requiring our national fleet of vehicles to average 35.5 mpg, which is exactly what the Obama Administration is proposing to do.

The EPA and the Department of Transportation (DOT) need your support if they are going to follow through with strong new standards for car and light truck emissions.

The proposed standards have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 950 million metric tons over the lifetime of the vehicles sold in model years 2012-2016.1 That’s the equivalent of shutting down 204 coal-fired power plants for a year!

But that’s not all. During the same time period these standards could save 1.8 billion barrels of oil, which works out to $3,000 dollars over the life of a new vehicle.2 That’s money we’ll keep in our pockets instead of shipping it to countries like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Libya, and Nigeria.

Tell the EPA and DOT that we can’t afford to wait–send a message supporting strong vehicle emissions standards today!

It’s time we take vehicle standards out of the 1970s and into the 21st century and lay a strong foundation for the cleaner vehicles we need to end our reliance on oil and curb global warming.

We need your help to win strong standards that will save us money, make our country more secure, and fight global warming.

Thanks for all that you do to protect the environment.

Mary Anne Hitt
Sierra Club Big Picture Campaign

P.S. Please forward this message and help spread the word to your friends and family!

[1-2] “Sierra Club Applauds New Fuel Economy Rules,” September 15, 2009.



protect this

This well written article was in my Facebook inbox.  Just finished reading and felt the information presented by Nicolas would be of great interest to others.  Would really appreciate your comments on this topic… CSea Perkins



As we scan the globe for signs of environmental degradation, Earth is showing physical signs of man made diseases, electro-magnetic field weakness, ecological contamination and physical signs of specie extinction visible everywhere on this planet. Forty percent of the Earth’s surface has been converted into farmland and half of the tropical forests have been destroyed or degraded. Productive pastor lands are turning into deserts, and low coastal regions are threatened by further increasing flood zones. Flooding will increase in this upcoming decade, contributing to multiple super-strain viruses evolving during this ongoing “Climatic Crisis,` rapidly `spreading out world wide.

Our earth’s protective atmospheric skin or Ozone have also been damaged, fresh water is declining in quality and quantity, plant and animal species are displaced and going extinct every hour, this is the end result of increased food consumption and over population on this planet. There are many species of fish that exist only in small isolated oceanic pockets that still remain pristine.

The ozone layer or skin, is a mass of oxygen or O3 atoms that serve as shield in the atmosphere against the harmful ultra violet sunrays. Ozone being made up of oxygen atoms, oxygen react with carbon monoxide, this reaction would use up more oxygen atoms

When there are more carbon monoxide atoms going to the atmosphere, the volume of oxygen would decline, such is the case of ozone depletion. Another dangerous side effect that deforestation has is the water table underneath the ground. The water table is a source of drinking water for people living around forested areas. The supply of water underground could also dry up if not replenished regularly. Forest’s absorb most of the rain fall to the soil through their roots.

Plant species are disappearing along with tropical forests. As the world population increases yearly, the million dollar question is, how much can this earth, having this environmental stress factor really handle? We may eventually revert backwards into stone age and possible ice age conditions, the worst case scenario is the Mars comparison, having no plant life to support the biospheric living conditions above ground.

Our future energy and food consumption will double and create strenuous, epidemic conditions. Humanity will be required to work more in order to secure shelter and food, prices will eventually skyrocket, basic food commodities will be scarce and expensive. This collective human carbon print is bound to have a negative impact on the environment and well being of this planet. Very little is said or exposed on media or government levels concerning this major deforestation and depletion crisis.

We all have to think more “Green“ preserve and regulate over-consumption, North America’s wasteful consumption and unsustainable ideologies have to be changed. Our out dated and modern day model creates economic and social inequalities in less fortunate countries around the world. Narrowing this gap between rich and poor, will enhance food and water security along with health care, there is no legitimate reason for world poverty to exist in this century.

Energy impacts every aspect of our lives, energy to cook, heat our homes, drive our cars, these are only some of our basic needs:

Wikipedia defines, deforestation as;“ The conversion of forested areas to non-forested land as pastures, urban use, logging purposes, that can result in land and waste land. In many countries, deforestation is ongoing, reshaping climate and global geography. Deforestation is the final end result from the removal of trees. Without sufficient reforestation, this results in declining specie habitat and bio-diversity, wood for fuel and industrial use, diminishing the quality of life“.

Human induced deforestation may be accidental such as in the case of forests in Europe adversely affected by (acid rain). Improperly applied logging, fuel wood collection, fire management (grazing) can also lead to unintentional deforestation.

Most anthropogenic (human) deforestation is deliberate. The future consequences of deforestation are largely unknown, this unknown X- category also fits into my ex-pollution theory, because it lacks unknown scientific data, further studies have to be made.

Deforestation is the process of converting forested land like we mentioned earlier, into non-forest sites that are ideal for crop raising, urbanization and industrialisation have drastically affected these deforested sites. The effects of deforestation can be classified and grouped in categories such as, deforestation habitat depletion zones, bio-diversity and toxic side effects, environmental and social settings.

Deforestation basically involves killing trees in forest’s which then create various affected regions that can only be enumerated as results of the activity. When the forest is destroyed, nature has to basically provide for the loss of this void and renew the damaged forest. Reforestation is one concept that is used by replanting trees, but this method is proven to be a much harder effort than deforestation.

This simply means, the rate of deforestation has not been offset by the rate of reforestation. The environment has already been dramatically affected by deforestation. The X-factor concerning the actual damage done cannot be measured or predicted by science, this man made condition is further contributing to air pollution and global warming. Pollution is rapidly growing because of deforestation and there also seems to be an ever growing population explosion that demands more deforestation. Forests help in reducing Co2 levels in the air, the extended depletion of these groups of trees is gradually increasing the risk that carbon monoxide would reach the atmosphere, resulting in the depletion of the ozone layer.

Water sinks into the ground and eventually replenishes the supply of water in the water table.
Forest depletion causes water falling down as rain, thus flooding occurs instead of absorbing the water, the earth’s surface not being able to retain the rain by the soil. Water from rain does not stay in soil long because of the evaporation, trees absorb the water and retain it. The water table is then un-replenished, leading to drying up the wells.

Forest’s include various species of plants and trees, they also have different natural regions that occupy this space which means, various animals around these plant species world wide are in danger of losing their accustomed habitation grounds. Many of these animals could still be saved if Man would be able to reforest these regions and malpractice of slash and burning of the forest would be totally abandoned.

Man has taken a way the homes from all of these animals, creating a homeless and desolate environment for these creatures. Future development should consider working with the environment and not against it. We should learn how to incorporate the forest and be part of this beautiful nature.

Cities with concentrated smog pollution should consider reforestation, incorporating more of these trees within the city community even if it means planting on top of high-rise buildings and homes. Incorporating a garden over your roof may not be appealing with your home design, but this would actually insulate your home during the summer and also be able to absorb Co2 emissions, recycling back clean oxygen into the air.

One major effect of deforestation is climate change, abrupt changing temperatures in nearby communities, lack of photosynthesis in big cities increase carbon levels and lack of cooling down communities that live in hot areas like Arizona, trees and plants naturally cool down and help retain moisture in the air.

Deforestation is contributing to increased global warming, climate around the globe becomes warmer as more harmful rays of the sun come through our atmosphere, not absorbed by plants that filter these harmful UV rays.

We should all plant trees and have gardens in our back yards and roof tops, even on top high rise apartment buildings. This change will be good for our health and the environment. Trees provide oxygen, they also absorb carbon dioxide which also cools the planet, Mankind’s well being depends on these plants and forests.

The forest provides us with food, shelter, warmth, and oxygen, this a vital component, it must be respected and protected.
New renewable energy like, solar, wind, bio-fuels and hydro contribute only a minuscule global percentage of the total energy package. Although we are headed in the right direction using clean energy, we will have to partially include oil products while new transitions are made.

Author: Nicolas Hermes.

When the going gets tough; the tough get going


keep climbing; never give up

This is a topic seriously impacting everyone this past full year but not new to this most recent recession.  The phrase has probably been around close to a Century and it proves just how strong and resilient people are (can be).

Unless you posses the strengths and characteristics of a winner, you may be left very lonely in today’s environment.  This is indeed the era of the entrepreneur allowing your creativity and brilliance to dictate your future.

We bring about what we think about so think and do for others to increase your own rewards.

In the event you haven’t noticed, the most successful / balanced people achieve their success through focusing on the needs of others. Those that succeed by staying focused on themselves often fit in the greed category and they have to work so much harder to keep or grow their fortunes.  Funny how the ‘law’ works.  Be in gratitude, that will keep you aligned with your most important goals.

To be in gratitude indicates you focus on what you have, not what you are lacking.  If you think about what you don’t have., complain about it and keep thinking about it, you remain without it.  If you give thanks for receiving what you do not yet have; it will come. Yes, ponder that for a while.  Your belief process begins within, you have the ability to control it.

We are all made of energy, as is the planet and all living matter.  That energy IS CONNECTED and if you don’t believe that, think again. What you think, say and do DOES IMPACT the energy you project and receive.

So, be careful what you wish for and enjoy the rewards.  Do the eco.nomics and you will always win… CSea Perkins, CFA

Imagine the possibilities

reached Cancun

reached Cancun

Do you stretch your vision and exercise your dreamer? Can you prove it?

How do you perceive what I mean by these questions? Regardless, you will be astonished as this fool proof exercise in controlling your attitude and the outcome of your future.

Have you received / achieved many of the goals and dreams you have created? Is there a percentage you measures, visual incentive and proof?  Have you set your standards too high or too low?

What percentage of your full potential have you reached? If you said 1-10%, you are likely right on.  There is untapped value and rewards within each of us. What would your answer have been 10 years ago?  Honesty will allow you to measure your values.

These questions define whom you are and contain the energy to attract these thoughts into reality.

It takes a little effort, like anything worth achieving. Yet if you keep it simple and consistent, you achieve it so much sooner.

Have a visual representation of what you wish your future to look like. It can be a collage on your PC but then you must print it.  If you digitally upload it to a printer, it would be great to have a poster, dated naturally.

It is up to you (and your family) to look at it several times a day and give thanks verbally for having it so close in your lives.  Tough chore isn’t it?  Yes, of course, one more thing you have to add to your daily list.

And, now you have to sacrifice a place on the wall or table to display it.  We don’t know what we don’t know. Be open to the simplicity. Without knowing the value it brings to your daily life, I understand this.  Take a full year and you will likely have to create a whole new dream board as the first one will be a part of your life.

We often believe we cannot possibly fit one more task into a daily routine.  That, too, is easy when you replace the time with a daily habit that has absolutely no value to your achieving these goals.

Let us know your results and questions as you build your future using all the senses we possess to attract it and more into our lives.  You must give in order to receive; you receive far more than you give.

If you don’t subscribe to this belief; test it.  Give it 20-30 consecutive days then compare your thoughts, with gratitude.

‘do the eco.nomics’, make wise long-term decisions, reduce the stress and increase the fulfillment!

©2009 CSea Perkins

Palm Oil Biodiesel, Now With 2000% the Emissions of Fossil Fuels

Reprint from TreeHugger on 2000% increase in emissions.  Good gosh; what are they thinking?  Consider http://NanotechFuel.com for emissions and expense reduction.


by Matthew McDermott, New York, NY on 10.21.09

Science & Technology (alternative energy)

palm oil deforestation indonesia photo
Oil palm concession in Indonesia, photo: Hayden via flickr.

Can we just all put palm oil biodiesel produced on deforested peatlands to rest already: A new report from the United Nations Environment Programme shows that biodiesel production under these conditions can result in greenhouse gas emissions 2000% higher than fossil fuels. Other biofuels fare much better however:

The devil is really in the details of how and where biofuels are produced, the report says. Though chopping down rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia and replacing them with plantations results in monumental increases in carbon emissions compared to petrol-diesel, not to mention massive biodiversity problems, in other circumstances biofuels really live up to their carbon neutral claims.

Brazilian Sugarcane Ethanol = 70-100+% Emission Reduction
For example, producing ethanol from sugar cane in Brazil can lead to emissions reductions of 70% to “well over 100%” as compared to gasoline. Editorializing, conditions for workers are another issue… at least the fuel itself is clean if not always the labor practices.

But back to palm oil: The report does say however that when grown on abandoned or degraded land, palm oil can make a “positive contribution” to greenhouse gas emissions.

Biofuels Neither Panacea Nor Pariah
All in all, Executive Director of the UNEP Achim Steiner says a “more sophisticated debate [about biofuels] is urgently needed” and that “biofuels are neither panacea nor a pariah, but like all technologies they represent both opportunities and challenges.”

How to Talk With People About Your Products

reality! photo by Chris Moswalt

natural changes! photo by Chris Moswalt

To everyone and anyone that shares products.  Consider Michael’s very effective recommendations if you wish to succeed in today’s environment.  His assessment is quite accurate and has serious merit.

Take the following script and convert it to your products. Easy to correlate body health to vehicle health, in this instance… CSea Perkins


Discovering before presenting is one of the main concepts of the Natural Selling Process.

Most sales are lost due to “fire hose” presentations, presenting too early and attempting to “get “people into the “system” as quickly as possible. The passive aggressive and sometimes outwardly aggressive resistance that follows is the nightmare of most distributors!

And who causes it? The distributor!

So how to turn this around?

Discover First – Present Second!

Here is an example I borrowed from my audio program “Introducing Your Business And Products”.

Let’s say your products are nutritional supplements (or anything else for that matter). A person named Charles comes up to you and picks up one of your products and asks;

“So what does this do?”

Here’s how you can reply by contrasting what they want with what they presently have.

Well, you know how most of us have lowered immune systems and are prone to all sorts of modern diseases like cancer because of the lack of nutrition in what we eat caused by extensive use of chemical fertilizers?

Well what this does is put back into your body the nutrients it needs to protect it from those diseases so that you can lead a normal healthy life.

Do you take supplements or nutrients?

Yes I do

So, Charles, what kinds of nutritional supplements do you take?

Well, I take vitamins, antioxidants and a mineral.

How are they working for you?

Very well.

And when you say working well for you, in what sense?

Oh, I noticed I have better resistance to disease.

Is that right!

Yeah, people in the office are always sick and coughing, and I seem to breeze through it.

That’s interesting. So, how long you been taking them?

Three years.

Three years? And did you notice a difference immediately when you started taking them?

No, it took about a month.

Hmm! Have you ever taken anything else?

Yeah. I’ve bought stuff at the health food store for years.

Yeah. So you sound pretty happy with what you have?

I really am.

Is there anything you would change about what you’re taking? I mean is there anything you don’t particularly like about them?

We have one product that has, embarrassing to say, a very strong odor… kind of like rotten eggs.


It is. It’s a mineral product. I know that they’re very powerful, but I tell you the smell is a turnoff.

Tell me more about that? Does it prevent you from taking the product?

I don’t take it as much as I should

You OK with that?

Not really.

So what if you could take something else that was equally as effective, didn’t have the smell and tasted good as well? Would that be worth exploring?

Yeah! Is that what this is?

Yes it is… and if you’re interested I’d like to tell you more about it!

Sounds good to me…

You can then go on to explain the precise benefits of your product compared with what they are already taking.

As you’re building your business, you will encounter many situations where your potential customers are satisfied with their products.

Even if they are, always ask the all important question,

‘Is there anything that you would change about what you’re currently taking if you could?”

The answers you get might well give you clues or talking points to allow you to demonstrate how your product differs and what its potential benefits are by offering something that the competition doesn’t.

Have a peaceful and prosperous week…

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Know the benefits / savings; share with everyone that drives

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