Feel the Music

THANK YOU team eco.nomics for sharing the sounds that motivate you.  Your requests are below.

For those that benefit from music, getting motivated, excited and thoroughly happy put that most effective song on or pick from the following top 20 each year.  We encourage you to add your favorite song in the comments section below.  Share the best of the best of what works for you.

It’s gonna be a good good day by O HARPO PRODS

A Change is Gonna Come by Jana Mashonee


Attitude Adjustment

40’s JuKeBoX
1955 JuKeBoX
1956 JuKeBoX
1957 JuKeBoX
1958 JuKeBoX
1959 JuKeBoX
1960 JuKeBoX
1961 JuKeBoX
1962 JuKeBoX
1963 JuKeBoX
1964 JuKeBoX
1965 JuKeBoX
1966 JuKeBoX
1967 JuKeBoX
1968 JuKeBoX
1969 JuKeBoX
1970 JuKeBoX
1971 JuKeBoX
1972 JuKeBoX
1973 JuKeBoX
1974 JuKeBoX
1975 JuKeBoX
1976 JuKeBoX
1977 JuKeBoX
1978 JuKeBoX
1979 JuKeBoX

Perfect, just the way you are.

Always walking close by your side.  We rode in trucks.

You have what you need, use it; don’t abuse it.

You will achieve when you believe; just believe, those miracles are mere seconds away.

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