What actions will you take on Earth Day 2013, April 22


There is something, be it huge or tiny, that each one of us can do every day to defend and protect our environment.  What is it you do?

EARTH DAY is that one day a year when we should have Zero Tolerance to the ignorance and neglect of our planet. Be positive, be proactive, think about how good you will feel when you exercise your right to be good to the planet.

DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING that will help the environment.

  • How about remembering to power down the power strips?
  • Maybe picking up the trash rather than walking over it?
  • Not driving or watching TV for a day?  Oh my; what could happen?
  • Decide not to apply toxic chemicals to your lawn, laundry or lettuce.

These may sound silly and yes they were intended to;  Bring humor, gratitude and excitement into whatever extra effort you choose to put into Earth Day (how about every day)?

Signed, the eternal optimist


Today April 7 in History, THE Masters

1940 – 7th Golf Masters Championship: Jimmy Demaret wins, shooting a 280

Hoot / Hoot / Hoot – Masters Week starts tomorrow.

Sending good vibes for excellent weather conditions; here are some good feeling images:





First showers of the year producing much appreciated blooms





Phalaenopsis ‘peppermint candy’

Phalaenopsis 'peppermint candy'

Longest blooming PHALAENOPSIS I’ve experienced

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