Welcome Summer; conserve our natural resources

As we welcome Summer 2012 here in the US, we need to do it with earnest respect and awareness of the consequences of the event. Cause and Effect.

Three prominent and often ignored effects of Summer are dry conditions, health concerns and energy consumption issues; larger than we allow ourselves to realize.  However, you can and should do something about it.  Forewarned is forearmed; be ecoWise to the conditions and avoid unnecessary expenses.

You may feel it most without hydrating yourself or properly insulating your domicile or offices. The fearful fire danger, carelessness of humans and lighting are even more reasons we must conserve our natural resources, water is critical to fighting these fires.

If you wish some ‘common sense’ shortcuts to mitigate or avoid the potential consequences, allowing you to fully enjoy the plentiful benefits of Summer, request them below.


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