earth energy Solutions questions CPUC decision, negative reward

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are you FOR or AGAINST smart meters? Tell us why.

Electra Po posted in Wireless Right To KNOW.

Electra Po

8:49pm Feb 2

CPUC granted an opt-out today but Californians still need to pay for it:
From the EMF Safety Network:

“Today the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted 4-0 to allow PG&E to charge customers $75 initial fee and $10 a month for restoring or retaining their analog meter- or $10 initial fee and $5 a month for CARE customers. Commissioner Florio was notably absent for the vote.

Everyone has paid for Smart Meters through rate hikes on our utility bills. So, if you still have the analog, not only do you not get a refund for the Smart Meter you will not use, but you have to pay to keep the analog meter you already have. Michael Peevey, who wrote the proposal justified the fees, calling it a “service”.”

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