Graduates, Veterans and Real Estate Brokers

never say never

What do these fields and varying age groups have in common; close to half are struggling like never before…  Time to launch a Rescue Movement without cost to the recipients.

30% of our 23 million Veterans and far too many Students, Graduates, Real Estate / Insurance Brokers and Agents are unemployed and don’t like it.  With thousands of opportunities out there; finding one that resonates with you decreases the odds.  Solution time.

To honor all the above and more, the IC Culture has developed unique programs to integrate into what you are (are not) currently doing or looking for.

Stay sharp, keep learning and diversify.  Enroll for the EU (Energy University) Entrepreneurship Program absolutely void of any fees.  If within TX or NY, a $50 fee is applicable if you are not a Veteran or Military / Guard.  The majority of the curriculum sessions are held on the phone and internet.

If interested in exploring the $5T+ Energy Industry, supporting energy efficiency and economic healing, send a brief statement of what you wish to accomplish during and subsequent to advanced training?  How will you impact the local or nationwide Communities?


The Seven Spiritual Laws by Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra in November 2006, speaking at Yahoo.

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Real spiritual growth changes a person in a paradoxical way, bringing both understanding and preserving innocence. Deeper than love, the one thing you can’t do without is innocence. Innocence is the source of love. It is openness.

The Seven Spiritual Laws :

1.       Everything is possible. We all have the gift of creating absolutely anything. There’s no limit to what we can do or be.

2.       If you want to get something, give it. Always give with a happy heart. The greatest gift is feeling good.

3.       When you make a choice, you change the future (karma). Your choices bring about changes. To make good choices, follow your heart. How do your choices make you feel?

4.       Don’t say no—go with the flow. Create peace within by learning acceptance of what is outside our control.

5.       Every time you wish or want, you plant a seed. Making your wish is like planting a seed and believing that it will grow. Let nature do the rest.

6.       Be open to life and enjoy the journey. New ways and new ideas can lead to more happiness.

7.       You are here for a reason. Your dharma is your purpose, path, or vision, the unique talent that you are here on Earth to share. Your dharma is your happiness.

Appreciation and Gratitude

photo credit CSea Perkins

Grateful to Positive Thoughts for today’s gift.

Learn to love yourself enough so that when someone enters your life that treats you negatively, you can stand up for yourself and have the strength to let them go.

You can learn that it is okay to say no to anyone who is not willing to treat you with the love and respect you not only want, but also deserve. Have the courage to walk away from anything that does not serve you well. Search for your highest good.

You may be thinking right now, how do I go about this when I do not have the things that would make me content? What is in your world externally is nothing more than a mirror of what is going on internally. So to change the external vision of what your world appears to be, go within and change it there, then the outward vision will change to mirror the inward feelings.

Understand that every new path has a beginning and a first step. To pursue anything new, all you have to do is to take one-step at a time. And that is the step before you. If we learn to feel and believe that we have all that we desire and want in life and accept what has been granted to us, more will come.

It is all about appreciation and gratitude. If you could learn to appreciate and have gratitude by focusing on what is good in your life, more goodness will flow to you. If we complain that we do not have those things, then that is where our focus is and that is what we will continue to attract to us. If we think and imagine having the life we desire, and act and feel as we have it within, it is sure to appear before us.

When negative events occur in your life, if you look for the silver lining in the dark rain cloud, you will learn that good is always flowing toward you, if you have but the eyes to see it. And when you embrace the good that comes from that stormy rain cloud, you are transforming the energy of what you previously deemed as something negative into some positive. When you sing this new song, more “good” things can flow to you.

Our Scientists Say “Thanks!” – Watch the Video

Boardwalk on the Wolf River in the William B. ...

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Our scientists are thankful for your support and have put together a video to show you just how much they appreciate all that you do for nature.  Please watch and accept our sincere thanks.

Watch our scientists say “thanks.”

The Conservancy is a world leader in cutting-edge conservation science — and you play a key role in our adventures!  Read all the latest stories of our scientists’ adventures in the field to find out how your support fuels our scientific pursuits:

Go Behind the Science

Do Conservancy scientists spend their days in front of computers? Sometimes. But you can also find them shooting crossbows into trees, rappelling down cliffs and fending off fer-de-lance with machetes.

Be a Science Sleuth

Our scientists are trying to solve four conservation mysteries — can you help them crack the case?

7 Cool Science Gadgets

From peeper scopes to duct tape — learn more about the cool tools Nature Conservancy scientists use to solve conservation issues. The list may surprise you!

Fighting West Nile

A box, a stick and a peanut… See how our scientists are combining old-fashioned tools with cutting-edge technology to save an extremely rare bird.

How Do You Save a Cave?

Learn how Conservancy cave scientists from Tennessee helped protect the largest cave system…in Belize.

Again, thank you for supporting conservation science and all that do for our natural world.


The Nature Conservancy

p.s. Don’t forget to watch the video and share it with your Facebook friends

A Thankful Thanksgiving

Although I crafted a personal Thanksgiving message to all, I choose to repost Jim Rohn‘s version.  Give thanks, he enjoyed 50% more thanksgivings than I.  However, in time …

You may be wondering why I would call this article “A Thankful Thanksgiving.” Aren’t all Thanksgivings thankful? Unfortunately, no. As a person who has experienced over 75 Thanksgivings, I recognize that being thankful is something that we have to work at, even on Thanksgiving.

If your home is like most, your Thanksgiving Day will be very busy, with either traveling to where you want to go or preparing your home to have others over for the day. Either way, that can be very hectic and emotionally trying, which doesn’t lend itself to preparing your heart to be reflective and thankful. In fact, Thanksgiving weekend is the most traveled weekend in America. Airports are full, and not always providing much room for contemplation of your good fortune.

This means all the more that if we want to be the kind of people who are characterized by thankfulness, then we must make sure that we focus on it, and not just on Thanksgiving Day, but at all times during the year.

Here are a few key words as well as some thoughts that are simple and practical to apply; something you can use right away in your quest for becoming more thankful:

Time. Set aside time regularly to be quiet, to reflect. We live in the fastest-paced time ever. From the moment we awake to the moment we collapse into bed, we have the opportunity to go at full speed and never slow down. If we schedule time every day in which we can be quiet and reflect, we will free our hearts and minds up from the tyranny of the urgent and rushed.

Thought. Give thought to the many blessings that you have. Living in a consumer culture, most of us are fully aware of what we do not have and how we absolutely must have “it.” But how often do we reflect upon that which we already have? Take some time each day and think of one or two things that you have that you may typically take for granted and then take a moment and give thanks for those. In fact, I make it a part of my reflection time to review a list of things that I’m thankful for.

Generosity. Be generous toward those with less and not envious of those with more. We tend to look at others who may be wealthier than ourselves and think, “I sure wish I had what he does.” That kind of thinking breeds envy and jealousy rather than contentment. What can we do to break that cycle? I would suggest being generous to those who are less fortunate than yourself. Go to work at a food bank. And not just during the holidays—everybody works there then—but on a regular basis during the year. That will remind you of how good you really have it.

Ask. Ask a friend what they are thankful for. The next time you are at lunch with a friend, ask him or her what they are most thankful for. You will be amazed at the answers you receive, and you will create a meaningful bond with your friends as you focus on this powerful question.

Acknowledge. Lastly, tell those you love how thankful you are for having them in your life. So many times we neglect to take the time to craft the words to express to those closest to us what their presence in our lives means to us. Take the opportunity of Thanksgiving Day to write them a note or sometime during the day put your hand on their shoulder, look them in the eyes and tell them. Let them know what they mean to you, and in return you’ll begin to create the possibility of deeper, richer, more fulfilling relationships with those you love.

Of course, we should do what we can to make the most of the day we call Thanksgiving, but wouldn’t it be a shame if the only time we reflected on our blessings was that one Thursday in November? And the answer is, of course! So let’s do our best to be aware of the many great gifts that we have each and every day of the year. As we do so we will feel our hearts soar and our minds will experience more and more peace as we regularly remember and remain aware of our good fortune.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Without Vision People Perish

photo credit Darren Hardy

Without Vision People Perish
by Darren Hardy

That is a well-known quote from the Bible and one I am contemplating today.

By the time you are reading this with your eyes, I will have a knife in my eyes. Today I am having eye surgery. Ouch!

However, there is something even more important than eyesight and that is vision—the ability to see what is invisible to others and might not yet even exist.

“The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.” —Helen Keller

There is a famous story about a block of marble back in the 1400s. This block of marble was deemed flawed, useless and was cast aside. Every sculptor who looked at it saw it too long and narrow to be valuable for sculpture. It lay there worthless for 40 years. In 1501 a 26-year-old young man happened by this block of marble. He saw something very different. He had a greater vision for this block of marble. Inside this formless mass of stone this young sculptor saw the heroic beauty, grace and wonder of a man who would become known as David. Young Michelangelo famously said…


Thanksgiving from Shift Community

Cover of "Thank You (Gift Books)"

Cover of Thank You (Gift Books)

Showing gratitude to Kris and her abundant giving throughout the year, I’m pleased to reprint her attitude!  Sharing with you the sincerity of others is indeed a gift to us all…

To CSea:
Holidays are a wonderful time to say “Thank You”;
And this year I have much to be thankful for;
Needs, both personal and professional, have been met;
Knowledge necessary to succeed has been shared;
Significant relationships have been deepened;
Goals have been achieved;
Invitations have been accepted;
Valuable resources have been discovered;
Intuition has guided me to fantastic experiences;
Networking has uncovered amazing new friendships; and
God has continued to provide me everything I need to enjoy my life

As Thanksgiving approaches, I want you to know how much I appreciate you being a part of the Shift Community! Having you in my network is a blessing and I look forward to getting to know you better and being of service to you however I can.

My gift to you this season is an interview with one of the life areas experts in my network.  During this interview Claire Horner, a therapist, provided a wealth of information about how to establish thriving relationships in every area of your life.  To download this interview, right click and save to your desktop.  It’s an hour long, so it make take a few minutes to download.

Have a fantastic holiday season and don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be a resource to you in any way.


Kris Cavanaugh

Have you made the SHIFT to “C.E.O. of Your Life”©?

Kris Cavanaugh

Speaker, C.E.O. Catalyst & Coach

Shift, Inc.



From the desk of T. Boone Pickens

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As I’ve said all along, reversing forty years of no energy plan in America takes bipartisan leadership and time – I’m confident we can do it together and put this country back on the right path.

There’s deep support on Capitol Hill for legislation that will jump-start the use of abundant, American natural gas to replace foreign oil in transportation. Fortunately, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), and others are working together to come up with ways to pass this important policy before the end of the year. I remain hopeful that Congress can get it done when it returns after Thanksgiving.

One thing is clear – legislators and decision-makers across both parties, representing a broad base of ideology, support policies to use American resources to get off foreign oil. I’m buoyed by the fact that promoting expanded use of American natural gas to replace foreign oil has nearly 150 bipartisan cosponsors in the House of Representatives, and has been included in several pieces of bipartisan legislation in the Senate.

I’m grateful that leaders and legislators on both sides of the political aisle are working hard on this issue – only with that kind of bipartisan cooperation can we fix this serious problem. We just need them to act. I hope it’s this year, but if the clock runs out, we’re well positioned to get it done in the next Congress. And I’ll keep pushing to get it done, because too much is at stake. In fact, I spent a couple days in New York City talking about the Plan on TV this week – click here to watch my appearance on Morning Joe.

What we can’t let happen is taking our eye off the ball and letting forty years with no energy plan become fifty years and beyond. That’s how we got into this mess.

In October alone, we imported more than 58% of our oil, or 341 million barrels, taking more than $28 billion out of our economy and sending it to foreign countries. Without real action, we’ll keep spending $1 billion every day on imported oil – that’s money that should be invested in getting our economy working, not fueling the economies of others and bankrolling many of our nation’s enemies.

The strength of our nation’s economy and national security were among the issues of greatest importance to America’s voters according to exit polls earlier this month. That means our continued and growing dependence on foreign oil is at the top of the issues list, because that dependence overlaps these two, and many other, issues that Americans are concerned about.

We need tangible, long-term solutions to fix America’s energy crisis. I’m encouraged by the bipartisan support for this movement, and I’m confident Congress will act to secure America’s energy future.

We can get there together.

Attitude of Gratitude

The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

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Living Is Giving

  • Living is giving your best self away,
  • Living is helping someone every day;
  • Living is giving more than you get,
  • It’s treating an animal like a person, instead of a pet.
  • It’s helping the handicapped across the street,
  • It’s smiling at the new person at work that you meet;
  • It’s respect for all nations, colors and creeds,
  • It’s sharing and caring for your neighbor’s needs

One of God’s greatest laws you can live and believe,
Is the more that you give, the more you’ll receive!

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating here in the United States!

Denis Waitley

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – Action Step

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“Action Step” Newsletter

From the desk of T. Harv Eker . . .

Money is a result. Wealth is a result. Health is a result. Illness is a result. They all come from your mental blueprint. It’s a blueprint that was created long ago in childhood and it’s embedded deep in our subconscious minds. We were programmed from an early age.

But we can re-program ourselves and change the results in our lives by following four key elements of change: awareness, understanding, disassociation and reconditioning.

So in the months ahead, we’ll use these four elements of change to transform your money blueprint.

Last month, I gave you Action Steps to change your Verbal Programming. This month, I’m giving you Action Steps to change the conditioning you received as a result of Modeling. And next month, I’ll give you Action Steps to change the conditioning you received as a result of Specific Incidents that happened in your life.

These Action Steps will help reprogram your mind to think the way rich people think. Instead of the way poor and middle class people think. You’re well on your way to having a millionaire’s mental blueprint!

Let’s start with Millionaire Mind Action Step #2:

You’ve heard the expression “Monkey see, monkey do.” That’s an important way we learn – by watching our parents or guardians.

If they worked hard, but were always poor, in all likelihood we’ll wind up hard working and broke. If they kept going through financial upswings and downturns, we’ll keep experiencing
“feast or famine.”

The point is, we tend to be identical to one or a combination of our parents in the arena of money.

These four actions can break the hold your parents’ modeled behavior has on your financial life. Using them, you can liberate yourself from their influence and change your financial life forever.

Action #1Awareness:
Consider the ways of being and habits each of your parents had around money and wealth.
Write down how you may be identical or opposite to either of them.

Action #2 – Understanding:
Write down how you believe these statements have affected your financial life so far.

Action #3Disassociation:
Can you see this way of being is only what you learned and isn’t you? Can you see you have a choice in the present moment to be different?

Action #4 – Declaration:
Put your hand over your heart and say… “What I modeled around money was their way.
I choose my way.”

Touch your head and say… “I have a millionaire mind!”

Good job. Now practice this principle over the next 30 days and watch your mind, thoughts and financial life transform.

I’ll be sending you another Action Step reminder in 30 days.

For your freedom,

T. Harv Eker

P.S. The Millionaire Mind Intensive is where we can really work with you and change your money blueprint on a deeper and more permanent level.
Register right away before all the seats are gone

The big picture of your life

From our every enlightening Stephanie Dowrick via Positive Thoughts

The big picture of your life.

Posted: 13 Nov 2010 08:17 AM PST

When you find yourself caught in a trap of your own making , remind yourself that whatever it is you are worrying about is only ever part of the big picture of your life.

Look down on your life from the vantage point of an eagle. Think about where you have to come from , what you have already learn-and where you are going. Acknowledge what resources you already have.

Ask yourself gently if you need help and how you will ask for it. Remember tough situations that you have already survived; what you learned; what you gained.

Let yourself see how the situation will look six month from now. Remember some dramas from the past that once loomed large and are now mere pinpoints in your history.

Appreciate the scale and depth of your life’s journey : the complexity of it, the richness of it, the uniqueness of it.

The attention that you give to the details of your life will always be enhanced when you are also able to see and appreciate the more spacious picture of your existence.

Stephanie Dowrick.


Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?

There are solutions; have you chosen to protect yourself and your children? is one of the ways to mitigate the serious radiation.

Cell phone tower cleverly disguised to look li...

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Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 09:33 PM PST

By Dr. Debra Greene

Women are known to be talkers and we love staying connected with our friends and family through long phone conversations. We can get annoyed when our husbands don’t call and we become insistent that our kids be available by phone to talk or text us with their whereabouts. The cell phone has entrenched itself so firmly in our lives that it’s hard to imagine functioning without it.

But what if cell phones are actually harmful? What if this new wireless technology that is taking over the planet has detrimental health effects that go way beyond distracted driving? There is growing evidence that this may very well be true. A group of scientists from around the world have banded together to form an international consortium focused on electromagnetic radiation ( Concerned that the multibillion dollar cell phone industry, and the governments they lobby, may not have our best interests in mind these independent scientists and health officials poured over more than 2000 research studies on electromagnetic radiation exposure effects. Their conclusion: The current regulations are grossly inadequate to protect public health.

Your cell phone produces two types of radiation, extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF) from the electricity it takes to power your phone, and radio-frequency radiation (RFR) from the wireless carrier signal that allows you to talk and text. This is a double whammy for your health. Cell phone use has been linked to various forms of cancer, brain tumors, leukemia, nervous system dysfunction, and changes in brain functioning. It has also been shown to compromise the immune system and damage DNA. And this is just the beginning. Very few long-term studies have been done because cell phone technology is so new.

Why chance it? Why take the risk of being a guinea pig?

You don’t have to discard your cell phone and return to the dark ages. There are some simple, cost-free things you can do to help protect yourself and your loved ones. This list was complied, in part, from a Cell Phone Advisory put out by the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.

1) Do not allow children to use a cell phone (except in emergencies). It’s tempting to hand your phone to the children so they can say hi to Dad but this is not a good idea. Because of their developmental stages, children are much more susceptible to radiation than adults. Despite what advertisers might say, a cell phone is not a toy and should be used with caution. This includes not using the cell phone to play mobile games or gaming applications.

2) Keep the cell phone off of your body. Do not sleep with your phone or carry it in your pocket. Keep it as far away from your body as possible (e.g., in your purse). When talking, use speakerphone instead of holding the phone next to your head. The human body is a bioelectrical system. Your brain and heart are regulated by electrical signals and a cell phone within close proximity to your body interferes with fundamental bioelectrical processes.

3) Do not use a cell as your primary phone. To limit your exposure, use it like a portable answering machine. Turn it on to access messages and then turn it off again. As soon as you get to your home or office, forward your cell to an “old-fashioned” landline—one with a cord. (In terms of radiation, cordless phones are just as bad, or even worse, than cell phones.)

For more tips on electromagnetic radiation safety in your home, office, and car, please visit my website for a FREE report on “Cell Phones and Your Energy.”

Dr. Debra Greene has worked with thousands of clients and taught hundreds of workshops. She is known for her ability to get to the core of energy imbalances. Author of Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health, she is committed to empowering others to master their own energies. Visit her online at

Message of gratitude to our Veterans

T. Boone Pickens also speaks about bringing our Troops home and removing our dependence on foreign oil.

Honor our Veterans and Active Military

Energy Broker Positions to honor of Veteran’s Day

Effective Thursday, Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2010 and continuing through the end of November, we chose to salute all Veterans and Active Duty Personnel the honorable way.

You are cordially invited to join and be trained by AE Inner Circle Executives to turn your financial position into forward momentum. We currently conduct 14 unique strategy / training sessions weekly for Executives to choose from.

Mon – Thu and Sat in addition to Tue, Wed and Sat en Español. No fees, no risk, no obligation with great upside. We thank you, our heroes!

Help all Veterans and Active Military save and earn by leveraging the massive improvements in the Energy Industry. Performance based, earn limitless Energy Broker (mil factor) wages in addition to client acquisition bonus’. All serious inquiries welcome.

U.S. To Announce Home Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Reprint from Reuters

Date: 10-Nov-10
Country: USA
Author: Steve Holland

U.S. To Announce Home Energy Efficiency Initiatives Photo: Reuters/Lee Celano
Vice President Joe Biden addresses the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly in New Orleans, Louisiana November 7, 2010.
Photo: Reuters/Lee Celano

Vice President Joe Biden is to announce a series of initiatives on Tuesday aimed at helping middle-income Americans make their homes more energy efficient and boost job growth among home retrofitters.

The goal of the measures is two-fold — help Americans keep down energy costs while at the same time laying the groundwork for a larger home energy efficiency industry.

“Together, these programs will grow the home retrofit industry and help middle-class families save money and energy,” Biden is to say at the event.

The funds might be used insulate attics or put double panes on windows to trap heat in the winter and cold air in the summer months.

President Barack Obama, under pressure to reduce the stubbornly high 9.6 percent jobless rate, hopes the energy efficiency business and green technologies will be a future source of strong job growth.

The initiatives include a new loan program from the Federal Housing Administration through which Americans can get federally insured loans from private lenders to pay for home energy improvements.

Homeowners under the initiative will be able to borrow money for as long as 20 years for the projects, the vice president’s office said. It will begin as a two-year pilot program.

Biden will also announce that the Energy Department will launch a pilot soon under which contractors can tell homeowners how efficient their homes are, on a scale of 1 to 10.

The idea is to help homeowners make decisions on what home improvements are needed and provide an estimate on how much money could be saved by making retrofits.

Biden will also announce an Energy Department proposal to create a uniform set of guidelines for workers in the retrofitting industry to follow.

(Editing by Todd Eastham)

Men: Is Your Laptop Cooking Your Testicles? : TreeHugger

Men: Is Your Laptop Cooking Your Testicles? : TreeHugger.

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