Weekend Without Oil To Help Teens Reduce Consumption

by Chris Tackett, Fayetteville, Arkansas on 08. 5.10

Take Action

We’ve been focused on educating people about reducing their oil consumption (see our Minus Oil series), so when we heard from DoSomething about their Weekend Without Oil it was as if the idea had been plucked straight from our heads. With a goal of getting teens to reduce their oil consumption, the Weekend Without Oil will be held August 21 & 22nd, so mark your calendar!

Find out more about the Weekend Without Oil and how you can participate below.

About The Weekend Without Oil
The Weekend Without Oil aims to help teens (and anyone willing to participate) recognize the many ways that their day-to-day activities increase oil consumption and provide ideas for how to reduce it. Participants are given a list of personal actions they can take and are asked to make a pledge to participate in the weekend-long event. While the activities are personal, by taking the pledge to participate on the same weekend as many others, the participants are able to see what their small personal actions can lead to on a larger scale.

Supporters of the event include Do Something, ClimateCounts.org, My Gulf Action, Mobilize.org,  @BPglobalPR, AOL Lifestream and TreeHugger.

Weekend Without Oil Action Items
The Weekend Without Oil is targeted to teens, so the list of action items may not sound relevant to all readers, but I think there are enough substantial actions to make this list a nice starting point for anyone wishing to reduce their consumption of oil. Some are about specific things to do that weekend, but all can be turned into regular habits for added benefit. On the Weekend Without Oil page, each action item is listed along with more info on why it is a good idea, so be sure to visit their page for the full list. Here is a shortened version of the list:

1. Walk or ride your bike.
2. Enjoy the outdoors.
3. Use reusable bags.
4. Eat less meat.
5. Don’t buy new make-up that weekend
6. Drink tap water:
7. Don’t always buy the newest gadget.
8. Don’t buy new DVDs or CDs.
9. Skip buying new clothes that weekend
10. Head to your local library or read online.


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