Take charge of your thoughts

Take charge of your thoughts.

Posted: 30 Jul 2010 05:37 AM PDT

photo by Positive Thoughts

Happiness begins with a decision.

I received a cute email today reminding me again of how important it is to plan to be happy. At first blush that might sound a little silly—but silly is one thing it is not. Happiness begins with a decision—a recognition, a choice.

What is happiness? Let me share this little story with you, one you may have heard before but still worth repeating. A 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud man, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o’clock, with his hair fashionably combed and shaved perfectly, even though he is legally blind, moved to a nursing home today. His wife of 70 years recently passed away, making the move necessary. After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of the nursing home, he smiled sweetly when told his room was ready. As he maneuvered his walker to the elevator, one of the staff members provided a visual description of his tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on his window.

“I love it,” he stated with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old having just been presented with a new puppy.

“Mr. Jones, you haven’t seen the room; just wait!!”

“That doesn’t have anything to do with it,” he replied. “Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not doesn’t depend on how the furniture is arranged. It’s how I arrange my mind. I already decided to love it. It’s a decision I make every morning when I wake up. I have a choice; I can spend the day in bed recounting the difficulty I have with the parts of my body that no longer work or get out of bed and be thankful for the ones that do. Each day is a gift, and as long as my eyes open, I’ll focus on the new day and all the happy memories I’ve stored away. Just for this time in my life.”

Why not start building your happy memories today by choosing to be happy. Take charge of your thoughts today. It’s not your mind if you allow anyone and any media to fill it indiscriminately. It’s not your choice if you’re choosing between the options programmed for you to choose between. It’s past time to become the programmer of your own mind. To own happiness you must first get beyond all those negative thoughts and feelings that have been foisted upon you as a part and parcel of your enculturation.

Begin today by finding the good in all if it requires saying to yourself, “I can’t wait to see what good comes from this.” Hold onto that gratitude attitude and happiness will follow. Help another and the speed by which happiness arrives will be accelerated. Do a good deed every day and you will glue that happiness to you.

Eldon Taylor.


Avatar Trees Found on Earth (Slideshow)

Image credit: AP Photo/Matt Sayles

The visually stunning movie Avatar dominated the box office earlier this year and sparked conversations about everything from the environmental movement to climate change to conspiracies. But the real stars of the film were the trees—specifically the shimmering “Tree of Souls.”

The forests of Pandora were spectacular, but intergalactic travel is not necessary to find incredible trees that look like they grew on another planet. Indeed, there are plenty right here on earth.

SOURCE of Slideshow:  http://www.treehugger.com/files/2010/07/avatar-trees-found-on-earth-slideshow.php?campaign=daily_nl

A Plan B worth the look

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The Fuel Business Team

solar roads vs asphalt

Another reason to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

Nitty-Gritty Reasons by Rim Rohn

imagine the possibilities

imagine the possibilities

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be motivated to achievement by such a lofty goal as benevolence? I must confess, however, that in the early years of my struggle to succeed, my motivation was a lot more down-to-earth.

My reason for succeeding was more basic. In fact, it fell into the category of what I like to call “nitty-gritty reasons.” A nitty-gritty reason is the kind that any one of us can have—at any time, on any day—and it can cause our lives to change. Let me tell you what happened to me

Shortly before I met Mr. Shoaff, I was lounging at home one day when I heard a knock at the door. It was a timid, hesitant knock. When I opened the door I looked down to see a pair of big brown eyes staring up at me. There stood a frail little girl of about 10. She told me, with all the courage and determination her little heart could muster, that she was selling Girl Scout cookies.

It was a masterful presentation—several flavors, a special deal, and only two dollars per box. How could anyone refuse? Finally, with a big smile and ever-so politely, she asked me to…

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Setting a Price on Carbon Will Help US End Oil Addiction – Not Just Combat Climate Change

by Matthew McDermott, New York, NY on 07.22.10
photo:  Carina via flickr

There’s lots of overlap between ending our oil addiction in the United States and combating climate change, with setting a price on carbon (regardless of the mechanism used, be it cap and trade, a carbon tax, or something else) mostly being cast as being a solution for reducing the impacts of global warming. This is certainly true, but it also could go a long way towards reducing our oil usage as well.

Perhaps its hugely obvious to say, but I’ll still say it again. When burned in an internal combustion engine, gasoline and diesel fuel emits lots of carbon into the atmosphere–19.4 pounds of CO2 per gallon of gasoline and 22.2 pounds per gallon for diesel fuel in fact, according to the official EPA stats.

Externalizing Pollution Costs Means We All Pay For Them
To refresh your Economics 101 terminology, those carbon emissions (and the other air pollutants released from burning gasoline) are a negative environmental externality. In other words, they are quantifiable financial costs associated with the purchase and use of gasoline which aren’t incorporated into the price consumers pay.

In fact, those not-included (externalized) costs are an economic burden upon society because of the myriad impacts that unchecked carbon emissions are creating, directly and indirectly, in terms of rising global temperatures, ocean acidification, spreading tropical disease, decreased crop yields leading to more hunger and poverty, et cetera, et cetera–TreeHugger has documented all of these and the associated environmental degradation ad infinitum.

The externalized costs of pollution, when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions at least, can affect people literally on the other side of the world from where the polluting product is produced or consumed–with in many cases those people least able to adapt being the greatest affected. Indonesian farmer, photo:  Danumurthi Mahendra via flickr.

Consumers Have Inaccurate, Incomplete Information
Not including these costs in the price consumers pay also creates a situation of imperfect information being made available to purchasers. In other words, the price paid does accurately represent the true cost of the good. By pushing part of the true cost of oil off to society as a whole (externalizing it) you’ve created a market failure that needs to be rectified if the entire market system enterprise is to work.

This is where setting a price on carbon comes in. Whether established as a carbon tax or through a carbon trading system, this price on carbon will, yes, increase the cost of gasoline, diesel, and all the other uses for oil.

Price Pollution & The Economy Will Adjust to Be Less Polluting
To an oil addicted society this may seem like self-imposed pain–admittedly there will be an adjustment period to go through (if certainly not one which can’t be managed)–but it is both good and necessary for both the economy and the environment.

From a theoretical perspective, incorporating the cost of carbon pollution into the price consumers pay for products derived from oil gives them fuller information, which allows the free market to function more efficiently–and there’s nothing most economists like better than a well functioning market.

From a practical perspective, raising the price of goods made from oil brings the comparative cost of them more accurately in line with those made from non-polluting materials, which are often now more expensive because of the de facto subsidy petroleum and other fossil fuels currently receive.

Effects Will Go Well Beyond Which Goods We Buy
This in turn will gradually shift consumer spending, habit and preference towards goods which are made from materials with no or lower carbon emissions. It will encourage city and town planning towards patterns which support more walkable and bikeable communities. It will encourage both public and private transit to be powered by low-carbon sources of energy. It will encourage long-distance shipping to be done similarly, in turn likely stimulating more localized and regionalized economies–with long distance shipping occurring only for those goods which either can only be produced in certain locations due to geography or where, even including the cost of transport, some competitive advantage still keeps costs lower.

Oil (and other fossil fuels) may well still be used for some products and applications once the now-externalized cost of carbon emissions are included in the price, if there simply isn’t another good option for the task at hand, but the price of those products will more accurately reflect the environmental cost of doing so and their use likely curbed substantially.

The economy will adjust to the new conditions, adapting and innovating products because of the new pricing. The balance of jobs will shift, with jobs being lost in production of fossil fuels and new ones created in other areas, balancing them. Just like the environment adapting to changes, the economy will as well. And at least one aspect of humanity’s impact on the planet upon which we, and the economy, utterly depend will be lowered.

Sunscreen Danger – What’s In Your Sunscreen

Posted: 16 Jul 2010 09:00 AM PDT

You put on sunscreen because it is important for your skin’s health, right?  In this day and age of skin cancer, most of us have been taught to wear sunscreen daily, especially on our faces, in all weather and all seasons.  Lately, however, some concerns have been raised regarding the safety of […] Related posts:

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Always grateful and pleased to “pass it on” when it comes to Green Life ‘s invaluable education… CSea

Mentally Tough by Ron White

One of the least talked about factors of success is being mentally tough. Mental toughness will allow you to endure adversity, hardship, setbacks and ultimately achieve success.

The next question is: What does it mean to be mentally tough?

• It means when trouble and heartaches head your way, you are not permanently knocked off the bicycle of life.
• It means when your plan is not going exactly the way you planned, you press on.
• It means when others criticize, you refuse to allow someone else to dictate your thoughts or direction.
• It means you know who you are.
• It means you accept 100 percent responsibility for every action you have ever taken.

Now, if being mentally tough is so crucial to success, how do you become mentally tough?

Some of the most mentally tough people I have ever known are ones who I’ve served next to in the military. They are mentally tough because the military forces—and I mean forces—you to adopt three behaviors. In the military you will never be allowed to blame someone else, you will be required to be physically fit and you will be given daily goals—and you will accomplish them!

The first key to being mentally tough is refusing to be a victim and accepting 100 percent responsibility for your actions. It is not your parents’ fault, your boss’s fault, the fault of the government or someone you knew when you were a teenager. How in the world can you be mentally tough when you blame others for your lot in life? It is empowering to accept responsibility for your fate.

When you consciously or subconsciously blame another (government, economy, family, etc.) for the outcome of your life, you are significantly reducing the chances of a happy life. This is true because you have given someone else the power to control your thoughts and actions.

Next, become mentally tough by becoming physically tough. Yes, there is a confidence that you will have when your muscles are toned and a walk on the beach does not exhaust you. But, when I am 85 years old, do I expect to bench press 225 pounds and run four miles a day? Absolutely not! However, I do expect myself to put forth the maximum effort all the time so whether I am 35, 45, 55 or 85 I am in the best possible shape for a 35-, 45-, 55- or 85-year-old.

The confidence that comes from being fit is one that can’t be found anywhere else. Watch what you eat and exercise. It is crucial to being mentally tough.

Set goals and then accomplish them! How many times do people make New Year’s resolutions only to break them by January 20? This is a much bigger deal than you may think. It is a big deal because subconsciously you are telling your mind, “I can’t even keep a New Year’s resolution!” When you tell yourself this subconsciously, you then begin to lose confidence in yourself, and every aspect of your life is affected. When someone compliments you, it makes you feel awkward because deep down you think, “Gee, if they only knew that I can’t even keep a New Year’s resolution.”

Conversely, if you set a small goal of reading a book a month and you accomplish it, your self-confidence begins to build. Subconsciously you are telling yourself, “I am valuable—I am worth it. I can hit my goals. I am successful.” When you see yourself this way, you are well on the way to becoming mentally tough. In military boot camp, you are given a daily goal of folding your underwear in a set pattern and making your bed in a prescribed way. When you accomplish this goal day after day, even though it is so small, it is making a mental deposit into your self-esteem bank account that says you can accomplish goals and are valuable.

Being mentally tough is often the last piece of the puzzle to focus on for success. Yet I know very few successful people who are not mentally tough. It is easier to get there than you think. Become responsible for your life, stay in shape and set and accomplish your goals. When you do, you will exit your own personal boot camp with a confidence to rival that of a Navy SEAL!

Discover what the U.S. Navy SEAL attitude of “The only easy day was yesterday” means and how that translates into discipline and much, much more! Check out Ron White’s Mind of a SEAL MP3 audio program. You get three 4-hour tele-seminars covering discipline, leadership and confidence. Click here for details.

Routine Power

by Darren Hardy

Some of our best intentions fail because we don’t have a system of execution. When it comes down to it, your new attitudes and behaviors must be incorporated into your monthly, weekly and daily routines to effect any real, positive change.

A routine is something you do every day without fail, so that eventually, like brushing your teeth or putting on your seatbelt, you do it without conscious thought. If you look at anything you do that’s successful, you’ll see that you’ve probably developed a routine for it.

These routines ease life’s stresses by making our actions automatic and effective. To reach new goals and develop new habits…

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Carl Safina: The oil spill’s unseen culprits, victims

Click here to go to the 20 minute VIDEO on the TED network where Carl Safina enlightens the world on a Hemispheric issue.

See where a dolphin is blowing oil out its blow hole.

Capture your visitors with good intentions

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How Thoughts Work by Stephanie Dowrick

How Thoughts Work.

thoughts are things and things have wings

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 06:08 AM PDT

You can’t change unhelpful attitudes unless you understand how thoughts work.

This is something to experience- not just read about.

When you catch yourself thinking the same thought or small collection of thoughts repeatedly, especially when they are affecting your mood or outlook negatively , sit back and watch them.

”Watching your thoughts”, you will become aware of several things:

Your thoughts are running on a loop.  When you are anxious or preoccupied the same ”thought” tends to appear with monotonous regularity.

You can observe your thoughts; they are not who you are ! (As the observer, you can ”direct” them differently.)

Thoughts drive emotions : as you think , so you will feel.

Even when your repetitive thoughts seem to be the product of your anxiety, know that it is the thoughts that are feeding the anxiety rather than the other way around.

If you want to think and feel differently, it is immensely freeing to experience that:

Your thoughts are not inevitable.

Your thoughts are self-made.

Thoughts affect mood -not the other way around… Stephanie Dowrick.

YOU are already exceptional by Mike Shippey

Posted: 10 Jul 2010 02:04 PM PDT

YOU are already exceptional.  You just have to convince yourself.

You see, most of us do not yet have the confidence that we can accomplish anything we want to.  Most of us still surrender to limitation on a daily basis.

We don’t have to.  But we do.  We haven’t been shown the features and benefits that we possess within ourselves, and in spades.

You’ve also heard me say before that limitations are like the Boogeyman…they only exist if you believe they do.  And nothing could be truer.  Or sadder.

The only limitations in your life right now are the ones you have acknowledged.  You give them life by continuing to believe in them.

Henry Ford was right on when he said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way, you are right”

I’m telling you, once you are able to sell yourself on the truth, you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish in this life.  And nothing or no one can sway you from achieving even your most daring dreams.  Guaranteed!

Think about any or all of the success stories you have heard in your life.  They could be about people who achieved great milestones, athletes who won great events or championships, scientists who invented great things or just anyone who has ever exceeded at an exceptional level in any walk of life.

All of their stories seem to have an amazingly similar theme.  And you hear them say things like the following:

“All of my life I was told I couldn’t do it”.  “People said that I was crazy for even trying”.  “They told me I was too slow”.  “My family and friends said I would never amount to anything”.

You get the idea, right?

Almost all of the wildly successful people throughout history have been confronted with a whole bunch of other people who constantly gave them all of the reasons why they couldn’t succeed, warned them about the let down they would have once they failed, and gave them more than enough opportunities to simply quit.

But that didn’t seem to matter.  And that’s the secret…

The reason it didn’t matter was because all of those people that have succeeded knew they were going to succeed.  And all of the people to this very day who are going to be successful already know it, too!  They have already convinced themselves that they will accomplish their goal and nothing that anyone can say to them will change that.

So why is it that we seem to be thrown off track by the negative  so often?  Simple.  We don’t believe in ourselves.

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eco talk defined … Eco-Terminologies

Communication, photo image courtesy of Joe Potrebenko

Posted by Green Life Staff

With all the talk of us needing to live in a more ecologically-friendly way many new terms of popped up to confuse people.  What do all these new terms mean?  We will explain some of these terms so that the next time you see them you will understand them better.

Energy Star

Appliances that have the Energy Star symbol on them are more energy efficient, than ones without it.  This shows that the appliances pass the standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA.  This stamp of approval is not just for appliances it can be for products used in construction too such as windows.


Biodegradable means substance will breakdown and decompose back to nature without hurting it in any way.  This means any animal or plant material.  Anything that will not breakdown or hurts the earth in the process then it is not biodegradable.  So it is better to use products that are biodegradable.  You can find products such as cups and plates that are made from corn and sugarcane respectively.  These are just a couple of examples.


Volatile organic compounds (VOC) can be found in synthetic foams, paint, stains and fabrics among other things.  These are known carcinogens and the labels on the substances should state if they have zero or low VOCs in them.


CFL stands for compact fluorescent light bulbs.  These have a higher energy-efficiency rating than the traditional incandescent light bulbs do and they last much longer.

Global Warming

This phrase of global warming has been so bounced around today.  The environmentalists and researchers feel that with the earth’s temperature rising today on a continual basis because of the greenhouse gases people are releasing into the air.  Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are two examples of greenhouse gases.  Not all the experts agree on this theory though.  Still it does not hurt for people to conserve energy and cut down on their carbon footprint.


Deconstruction just means taking a building that is slated to be torn down and tearing it down in a way that keeps the usable items out of it.  Then people can reuse the ceiling fans, stained glass windows or even the cabinets.  This way, things are recycled as much as possible instead of going in the landfills.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is cotton grown using no fertilizers or pesticides.  This organic cotton is being made into all sorts of products.  The only thing is the products could be manufactured using chemicals that are harsh.  It is best to look into who has made the products before thinking the products are truly organic all the way through the processing.  It will not help you to buy something that started organic if in the processing it has been tainted with chemicals.

These are just a few of the eco-terms you will see talked about today.  Now you have a better understanding of these terms.  You can find many more online if you are interested.  Help save our earth and think more green today.

SOURCE:  Eco-Terminologies

greywater uses and benefits

why I am grateful

Here are a few of the many reasons

my attitude of gratitude grows daily.

attitude is action

Image credit given to http://fotosearch.com and CSea Perkins

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