10 ways to save money on gasoline, air conditioning

Based on the unusually high temperatures in the north and eastern seaboard, central and southwest US, I feel bringing up the topic of air conditioning in fuel savings to be very important. Remember to avoid the benzene toxins when starting it up.

Not only within our home environment, but when in an office building or our own transportation.  It is a serious add on to your expenses.  Weigh the benefits and all your options.  Grateful to Russell for his following detailed solutions to reduce your carbon footprint… CSea

By Russell McLendon, Mother Nature Network

Posted Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:43am PDT

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The United States has a reputation for guzzling gasoline, especially in summer, when increased demand and processing costs drive up the price by an average of 10 to 20 cents per gallon. And while the recession has helped reduce U.S. gas demand in recent years, summer heat — combined with unforeseen variables like hurricanes and oil spills — can still wreak havoc with prices at the pump.

But whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip or just trying to avoid spending your paycheck on commuting, there’s plenty you can do to save money on gasoline. The best strategy is to simply drive less often, maybe carpooling or biking instead, but don’t feel discouraged if that’s not an option.

Check out these 10 ideas for ways to cut back the amount of time and money you spend at gas stations this summer:

(Chart: fueleconomy.gov)

1) Slow and steady wins the race

Gasoline mileage drops off in most cars once you’re going faster than about 60 mph (see chart at left). For every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph, you’re essentially paying an extra 24 cents per gallon of gas.

Try using cruise control on interstates and other highways to maintain a constant speed. It can also help to use your car’s overdrive gears, which save fuel and engine wear by reducing your speed.


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