Green Tips for Mold Removal

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Posted by Green Life Staff

Removing mold from our homes can be a frustrating and ongoing task.  Most of us just run down to the supermarket and grab a bottle of a chlorine-based mold cleaner, which is sure to be quick and easy- and unfortunately terrible for the environment.  If you have a mold problem around your home, use some of the green tips for mold removal in this article.

Tea Tree Oil

Tree tree oil can be on the expensive side, but as they say, “a little goes a long way.”  It can be found readily online or in your nearest health food store.  Tee Tree oil is a natural antiseptic and fungicide.
It does have a strong camphor-like odor, but is much more pleasant than chlorine fumes.  To make a tea tree oil mixture to treat mold, combine the following in a clean spray bottle, shake, and spray on affected area:

1-2 teaspoons tea tree oil
2 cups water

For best results, don’t rinse.  In a few days, clean up the dead mold with soap and water.


Distilled white vinegar can clean just about anything (a definite must for your green-home cleaning needs), including mold.  The Heinz Company, one producer of distilled white vinegar, claims that straight vinegar can kill 99 percent of bacteria, 82 percent of mold, and 80 percent of germs.  Simply fill up a spray bottle with vinegar, spray infected area and let sit (don’t rinse).  In a few days, clean up the dead mold with soap and water.

A little prevention goes a long way

Mold grows when there is a lot of moisture in the air.  Often, the bathroom is a trouble spot due to the fact that we all like to take hot, steamy showers.  That steam and moisture creates mold.  To prevent mold from developing, put a simple dehumidifier in your bathroom (or any room where you have a mold problem) to help dry out the air.

If you are dealing with mold, consider these toxic-free alternatives to dealing with the issue.  They are safer for you, and for the environment.  Remove your mold, and stay green by doing it!

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  1. Those same chlorine based products can stink for days. I AM GOING TO TRY YOUR METHODS THNX

  2. That is the beauty of using a non-toxic / non-caustic method of removing toxins. Fighting fire with fire, so to speak. Nature is the best solution for some and not others, it is perception, preference, ignorance and / or environmental respect that determine what we do.

  3. Hi Martha. Yes it does. Isn’t is great when we find something we truly like, the effectiveness, healthier, cheaper and environmental benefits?

    Like you site and will be researching it more. If you meet ‘green’ standards, please join us at and put yourselves in the Green Directory.

    Appreciate the comment; make it yet another exceptional day Martha…

  4. WOW. Its really a great news. I just can’t imagine how this will help us a lot as we are very much annoyed about the mold. Thank you very much sharing.

  5. Does it really work? If it really works, i must say WOW. I didn’t know a thing about this. Thanks for sharing this important article with us.

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