Toxins for beauty; not!

Here is a summation of appropriate articles presented by TreeHugger.  Be you a woman or a man; be aware of the toxins and keep them away from your Children… CSea

More on Frightening Chemicals in Beauty Products
7 Frightening Signs Harmful Chemicals are Sneaking into Your Beauty Regime
Why Is There Still an Endocrine Disruptor In My Toothpaste?
There’s A Frog Disruptor In My Soap
Beyond Parabens: 7 Common Cosmetics Ingredients You Need to Avoid
Lipstick, Shampoo, Nail Polish – How Toxic is OK?
“The Toxic 12” Beauty Ingredients

How to Make Your Beauty Regime Less Frightening
10 Beauty Products You Must Ditch During Pregnancy
New Standard for Beauty, Personal Care Industry Launches
5 Greenwashed Myths of the Beauty Industry (And How Not to Fall For Them)
How to Go Green: Natural Skin Care
REACH for Greener Chemistry
How to Avoid Toxins in Your Sunscreen
Quiz: Are You a Green Beauty?

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