With All the Toxins Found in Breast Milk, Is Breastfeeding Still the Healthiest Option?

8 Ways To Ensure Safer Breast Milk

1. Quit smoking or never start, and keep others from smoking in your house or car?

2. Avoid alcoholic beverages?

3. Avoid use of pesticides in the home and garden or on pets?

4. Avoid exposure to solvents, such as paints, non-water-based glues, furniture strippers, gasoline fumes, perfume and nail polish?

5. Avoid dry cleaners and recently dry-cleaned clothes?

6. Eat a balanced diet low in animal fats and high-fat dairy products?

7. Avoid fish that may have high mercury or PCB levels, such as swordfish, shark, tuna and locally caught fish (NRDC’s guide to Mercury Contamination in Fish)?

8. Eat organically grown food, if available?

What more can be done?

Will it take a campaign of collective outrage that exposes babies to the contamination of insecticides, PCBs, PBDEs, flame retardants, fungicides, wood preservatives, termite poisons, mothproofing agents, toilet deodorizers, dry-cleaning fluids, gasoline vapors, and dioxins etc. be what is called for? Fahey ascertains that moms need to be enraged and rise up and assert that their babies have a right to untainted breast milk. She believes that “Until green chemistry gets here, the best thing we can do is pretty much what we’re already doing: trying to push for laws to restrain the worst industrial and agricultural sources, push industrial design towards non-toxic components, and build compact cities with more greenery and many fewer cars (since the auto industry’s one of the prime culprits).”

Or else?

“Breast milk could become too poisonous to feed to our babies.”

Read FULL ARTICLE here: http://planetgreen.discovery.com/home-garden/toxins-breastmilk-healthy-option.html?campaign=th_weekly_nl

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