My Thoughts Create My Physical Experience.

If you are looking to synchronize the energy within you to that surrounding you, this article is step 1 and quite significant to achieving it (the absolute wellness balancing mind, body and spirit)… CSea



Posted: 21 May 2010 05:08 PM PDT

The idea of “success,” for most people, revolves around money or the acquisition of property or other possessions—but we consider a state of joy as the greatest achievement of success. And while the attainment of money and wonderful possessions certainly can enhance your state of joy, the achievement of a good-feeling physical body is by far the greatest factor for maintaining a continuing state of joy and Well-Being.

Every part of your life is experienced through the perspective of your physical body, and when you feel good, everything you see looks better. Certainly it is possible to maintain a good attitude even when your physical body is diminished in some way, but a good-feeling body is a powerful basis for an ongoing good attitude. And so, it is not surprising that since the way you feel affects your thoughts and attitudes about things, and since your thoughts and attitudes equal your point of attraction, and since your point of attraction equals the way your life continues to play out—there are few things of greater value than the achievement of a good-feeling body.

It is quite interesting to note that not only does a good-feeling body promote positive thoughts, but that, also, positive thoughts promote a good-feeling body. That means you do not have to be in a perfect state of health in order to find feelings of relief that eventually can lead to a wonderful mood or attitude, for if you are able to somehow find that relief even when your body is hurting or sick, you will find physical improvement, because your thoughts create your reality.


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