Play it safe!

Children are curious but they are also more sensitive to substances in the environment.

Protect children from accidental poisoning by locking up your household cleaners, pesticides, paint thinners, and other substances.

Household products are safe and effective when used properly. (yet most of them quite toxic)

Remember to read the label.

685KB, runtime 0:41) | More ways to prevent poisoning.

Want more tips? Visit EPA’s Earth Day site to learn more about Earth Day, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and what you can do to help protect human health and the environment.
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Melaleuca tree

There are a multitude of non-toxic and non-caustic cleaning products available on the market.  We found the tea tree oil based Melaleuca products to work the absolute best without spending more.

Another BENEFIT of the Melaleuca products is that those engineered with the tea tree oil are magnified with safety! 

The tea tree oil is the strongest naturally occurring cleaning, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral substance known to man. That natural power goes a very long way to living in a safer environment!

Reducing pollutants into our waterways is not thought of typically; this is yet another benefit of these products!

Can’t put a price on our Children’s safety but it sure is nice when we don’t have to go over budget for that safety!!!

CSea Perkins

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