46 Million Americans Have Drugs In Their Tap Water- There is a Solution

Long overdue sharing of this extremely important information.

Ken Rohla, known globally for his excellence in knowledge, research, findings and production and a dear friend in Central Florida.  He understands the body and how to respect it.

October 1st, 2008 · by krohla · Filed Under: Water

The Associated Press did an investigation in March 2008 and discovered that all 24 major US cities public water supplies they tested had pharmaceuticals in them. See the AP article here:


This was no news to leaders in the water purification industry, since it’s well known that undigested pharmaceuticals have been flushed down toilets in large quantities across the globe for many decades. Well, the plot thickens. The AP has continued their investigation and has now found that hospitals and nursing homes are dumping millions of pounds of unused drugs into the US water supply:


Now of course the press and governments are trying to minimize this information, citing the small concentrations of drugs in the water. But what these sources miss is the fact that water is a homeopathic solution, meaning that water is a carrier of information in its atomic and subatomic structure.

Water picks up energetic signatures in its atomic structure of whatever it is exposed to. This can lead to either a disease response or healing response in the body when ingested, depending upon what frequencies are imparted into the water. This is the basis of homeopathy, or using super diluted water based supplements such as Bach flower essences to trigger healing responses in the body. If that sounds like nonsense to you, check out Dr. Martin Chaplin’s extensive hard core physics and chemistry of water here:


Dr. Chaplin is but one reputable source.

Okay, so we have this problem, what can we do about it? Well, one school teacher got the bright idea to collect the drugs and rather than flush them down the toilet, burn them:


Okay, so at least we’re poisoning ourselves a little slower that way. Mmmm, seems like a strong case to radically reduce the use of pharmaceuticals, but since the world public has been mind controlled into drug use and the drug companies are not yet close to collapsing, it’s not likely the root of the problem will radically change soon.

Fortunately, there are nontoxic solutions, but the powers that be won’t like them because they threaten status quo industries. There is a technology known as Brown’s gas that burns with a flame just like with a gas stove or welder. However, this flame has very amazing properties. It will weld anything to anything, melt just about anything, and yet the flame is cool to the touch:


The fuel does not explode when combusted, but rather implodes from gas form back into liquid water. Back in the mid-1990s I worked with the inventor Yul Brown briefly and tested a Brown’s Gas welder for a few weeks. Because it alters the atomic structure of materials it burns, it can be used to convert matter from one form to another (yes, alchemy). So for example, you can burn or weld nuclear waste and it will convert the waste into nonradioactive material, with no toxic side effects.

This is not conjecture, I’ve seen it done and welded materials myself. (Congress was shown this technology and some of them had it squashed.) The same thing can be done with waste of any kind; the millions of pounds of unused drugs or billions of pounds of chemicals on this planet can be neutralized with this implosive force technology. Implosive force technologies mimic natural energy systems and do not leave any toxic side effects, in fact, they clean up the environment (see works by and about Viktor Schauberger on Amazon.com and elsewhere).

There are other solutions as well; polluted water is being remediated with probiotic (”friendly”) bacteria by companies like Natural Plus Plus, and Sustainable Community Development. Like photosynthesis, fermentation is an alchemy that changes materials fundamentally at the molecular, atomic, and quantum mechanical levels, creating the ability to make toxic materials nontoxic.

In the meantime, don’t be fooled into thinking you can just install a good water filter and everything will be fine. Despite claims by water equipment manufacturers, I have yet to find a system that will truly clean municipal water, not just chemically but also homeopathically and energetically. Reverse osmosis won’t do it, the John Ellis system won’t, distillation won’t, Aquasana, Grandeur, etc. won’t. It takes multiple techniques and time. The solution unfortunately at this time is not simple, and I am working on solutions. In the meantime, if I were on a municipal water supply, I would either switch to a well or drink bottled spring water that has not gone through reverse osmosis, and treat that water as well to bring it back to life.

-Ken Rohla


Mar 12

Fractals, The Universe, Water, and You – Part 2

March 12th, 2008 · by Ken · Filed Under: The Quantum Universe · Water

Water is also energetically and physically structured as a fractal. Liquid water molecules and atoms are arranged in a flexible 3-D grid. Ice crystals such as snowflakes show the hexagonal fractal structure locked into form, and as Masaru Emoto showed in his book Hidden Messages in Water, consciousness affects this fractal energetic structure. (Emoto was made famous by the movie What The Bleep Do We Know?)

So again, very nice, but so what? Well, water molecules bunch together in fractal clusters based on the energy affecting them. Your body is made up of roughly 70% water. As Bruce Lipton, Mazuru Emoto, and others have shown, your consciousness is affecting the water (and other structures) in your body, all the time, positively or negatively, depending upon your thoughts and frame of mind. So with your own thoughts, you affect the water in your body or outside of it measurably. Yet another good reason to create a harmonious life for yourself.

Undirected electricity like lightning follows a fractal path. Water ionizers zap water with fractals of direct current voltage to break millions of the H2O molecules into H+ and OH- ions within the water. This process, known as hydrolysis, also breaks the clusters of water molecules down from clumps in the thousands to finer hexagonal clusters of six, making the water clusters easier to get into the cells to hydrate the body. Healthy natural waters such as pure rain or snow have this hexagonal structure, hence the hexagonal shapes of snow and ice crystals.

Hexagonal water is found around healthy cells of living organisms, and is involved in cellular communication, intracellular water movement, enzyme function and many other metabolic processes. Vortex machines such as the Vitalizer Plus, based on the work of Viktor Schauberger, Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, and others, also create hexagonal water. Jhon’s work showed aging involves a loss of hexagonal water from organs, tissues, and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water.

On the other hand, unhealthy, unnatural water often clumps into clusters of five molecules. This “pentagonal” water is found in unhealthy tissue and cells, and in reverse osmosis filtration systems. It increases acid waste and decreases beneficial oxygen in tissue.

So you see, there is far more to water and energy in the body than most of us realize, and a perfection in nature that humans cannot replicate or outdo.

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Mar 11

Fractals, The Universe, Water, and You – Part 1

March 11th, 2008 · by Ken · Filed Under: The Quantum Universe · Water

About 15 years ago I sat watching a computer screensaver draw Mandelbrot fractals. You’ve probably seen Mandelbrot fractals, they look like this:

Click here to see examples of more Mandelbrot fractals.

Fractals are simply geometric branches, like tree limbs, veins in plants and animals, lightning, etc. A brilliant mathematician named Benoît Mandelbrot discovered the mathematical equations that describe these fractals. The branching pattern re-occurs over and over again as one looks more closely at the branches. In math and science circles this is known as recursion.

As I sat watching them branch out across the screen, it occurred to me that the energetic structure of our universe, macroscopically at least, seemed to be in fractal form. Throughout the physical and energetic universes (or multiverse), energy branches out in fractal tentacles and creates the physical structures we know, from galactic structures to subatomic particles and beyond. As I pondered it, I thought a possible visible example of this is in Kirlian photos of living organisms, where the subject is electrified and photographed to show the fractal pattern that the electrical energy takes on as it emits from the subject.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I attended a two-day lecture by renowned cellular biologist Dr. Bruce H. Lipton (www.brucelipton.com), and the geneticist who has studied quantum biology since the 1960s was saying the same thing: that the universe is energetically structured as a giant never-ending fractal. In his Biology of Belief Lite presentation, he also brilliantly showed how consciousness affects the physical body and possibly creates physical reality. This video shows the concept of how these fractal structures, when zoomed in on, simply repeat themselves:

Okay, that’s all very nice, but so what? It supports the concept that sages, mystics, and philosophers have said for ages, “as above, so below.” From universes, galaxies, and solar systems to the double-helix of our DNA, to subatomic structures, energy flows from these larger structures into the smaller as spiral fractals of energy that manifest as matter. We are simply in a small band of energy (or frequency range) that repeats nonstop from bigger than us to smaller than us, probably never ending in each direction. As these spirals flow, they create the cycles that we see in our existence: galactic and planetary motion, seasons, hot and cold, light and dark, you name it.

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