Allergy sufferers, fight nature with nature, achieve relief

Reports of pollen are growing in the southern states. They are high in central Florida and many citizens complaining.  This means horrible suffering to many people.

Please consider a natural, non-toxic approach to fighting the ill effects of allergies.  There are a few out there but we strongly recommend CounterAct(R) for its inherent healing properties.  Tea tree oil is engineered into the product.

Tea tree oil is the strongest naturally occurring astringent, antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic known to man.  Healing properties beat out the toxic chemicals in most prescriptions and over the counter ‘remedies’.

This, along with the day and night cold solution, are highly recommended.  You can get more information at or contact me.

You are meant to enjoy life to the fullest.  Allow nature to sync with nature and your relief!

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