Practical solution to detox your home

It has come to my attention that we are codependent on toxic chemicals, duh!  Sometimes the truth hurts and always we are given choices.

Choose wisely. Why?  Because you can.

Know what harmful toxins you are subjecting yourself and your family to. Research what is in the products you use daily, go online, read the labels, contact the manufacturers, etc.

The solution I found to resolve this issue was so simple, I found myself laughing out loud.  All I had to do was think back 23 years to the Melaleuca products my daughter and I were introduced to.

Non-toxic and non-caustic; what a concept.  Better than that, to s0me, was that they were more effective than what we were using from the store, safer and actually cost less.  Now that makes sense!

No brainer!

Well, last year I decided to look at their business model and was even more impressed with the Mission, the Success and the Vision than I thought possible.

We are very pleased to have made the time to compare these products to other ‘green’ products and we chose.  Love the Renew so much more than the Eucerin I got at the hospital.  Daughter is a nurse, has her favorite brands of products and switched stores to improve the quality of life for she and her son.

The “No Work” for the bathroom rocks and the “Sol-U-Guard” kills 99.999% of the 2009 H1N1, bacteria, other virus’ on contact (as do several other products).  There are so many benefits; ask and I’m happy to share my authentic experiences.

Choose wisely for your future well being and that of your family.  Just over 151 products are engineered with Tea Tree Oil.  Tea Tree Oil is the strongest natural occurring antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral known to man.

Do the eco.nomics, make smart decisions in living a healthier life!

CSea Perkins

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