Two more days; very special offer to save every day

Dear Friends and Future Friends:

As we near St. Paddy’s day, so too, we benefit from 2 more days to become a Melaleuca customer for only $1.00 (vs. $29 year one).  There is a $12 annual renewal, much less than I used to pay at Sam’s Club each year.

True, you can become a Preferred Customer and save 30% – 40% and more on all of the non-toxic, non-caustic products manufactured by Melaleuca.

LUCK - living under correct knowledge

You don’t need luck to benefit from these earth friendly solutions! Some knowledge and positive testimony goes a very long way to creating the healthiest possible indoor environment!

Ever heard of Tea Tree Oil?  If not, check this out.  The Tea Tree Oil from the Melaleuca tree is the strongest natural antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal known to man.

Other benefits of becoming a Melaleuca  customer:

  • Safer and less expensive than store brand products
  • No risk way to shop
  • Eco friendly products, packaging and concentrated
  • Hundreds of uses and natural solutions
  • More effective cleaning, less time, improved quality
  • Non-toxic / non-caustic
  • Easily ordered online in your own store
  • Delivered to your door via UPS within 3-4 days
  • Renew products exceed quality of similar products for 1/2 the cost
  • Convert medicine chest to non-toxic solutions
  • Children and adult dental care
  • Nutrition challenge produces energy, fitness and improved attitude
  • Household cleaning products without toxic fumes (avoid the headaches)
  • Personal hygiene products without harmful chemicals
  • ALL product purchases are 100% guaranteed, yes really and you don’t pay to return them
  • Golly, there are so many reasons I could go on for pages…

Ask questions below, peruse the catalogs to the right in the “Box” and choose the safer, less expensive, higher quality solutions for you and your family… CSea Perkins

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