Dialogue First, Sales Tools Second.

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Pertinent questions answered by Mike Oliver

I’ve had a number of people asking my opinion of using sales tools (sending people to meetings, websites, CD’s, 3-way calls) before having a dialogue with potential partners.

Here is my opinion in a nutshell – Sales tools used in this way rarely help people to persuade themselves to change what they are presently doing.

Ask yourself a question, if they did, why would we need salespeople and Distributors? All companies would have to do is mass mail everyone CD’s and so on and wait for the orders to come in.

Unfortunately, most of the “systems” that are still being taught today use sales tools as an “easy out” from learning how to talk with someone. While easy to duplicate, they rarely work for the majority of Distributors, unless they are prepared to deal with a return on investment similar to mail order odds – 1%!

Taking this approach is also emotionally and physically exhausting for most. It takes a lot of time and has a very high personal rejection factor. It can be expensive. And the lack of results combined with the high attrition rate are legendary!

Using sales tools up front is just another form of presenting what a Distributor thinks are the advantages and benefits of the business opportunity or products when in fact it’s just guesswork.

Unless your potential partner can see, hear, feel and then logically decide for themselves reasons for making a change through dialogue, all the sales tools in the world will rarely persuade them.

Those who have a dialogue first and use “appropriate” sales tools second are far more successful in helping and sponsoring people and quickly growing a solid business.

The real value of your sales tools comes into play when you use them to explain and support your proposed solution AFTER you have heard enough to know your potential partner is serious about changing their present situation.

Then your tools will have meaning. This means your potential partners will pay more attention to listening to and reading your information because they now feel involved and have something at stake.

If you would like some concrete examples of how to approach people in the way I suggest, then take a look at my “Power Up Your Dialogue” series of audio programs. In particular, the edition called “Introducing Your Business And Products” will make every conversation an opportunity for you to move your business forward.

Remember, hang your hat on this winning sequence – Dialogue first, sales tools second.

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