How To Partner With LinkedIn Group Owners To Spread The Word About Your Business For Free

Today I am pleased to share the answers to a commonly asked question HOW DO I MARKET MYSELF OR MY BUSINESS?  Not my answers, full credit goes to a Partner I have followed on LinkedIn. Larry Beacham.  I confidently endorse Larry’s observations and methods through experience providing green jobs / income to many through LinkedIn Groups! His advice is strong, after all he’s been there, done that and proves that giving a bit more value is well worth the investment… CSea Perkins

Larry Beacham

One of the most well kept secrets to spreading the word about your business it to partner with owners of popular groups on LinkedIn.

Now, in order to do this effectively, you can’t just push your company or product. You must prepare in advance some sort of valuable offering that would benefit the group even if they never look at your opportunity.

The power of this approach is simple; when people see your value, it is human nature to want to learn more about you. Therefore, directly promoting your opportunity is unnecessary.

It’s like tossing a piece of meat outside to a stray cat. If you’ve ever done that before, then you know it’s extremely difficult to get that cat to stop coming back. Actually, if you do it enough times, it will even bring back more cats!

Do you see the power of that concept? In the same way, you want to “feed the cats” that belong to a particular group.

So, what do you feed them? An easy one would be training on how to get leads on LinkedIn. You could title it something like, “The 2010 Updated List Of Strategies For LinkedIn Lead Generation.”

Now that you have your value-based offering in place, contact the owner of the group you want to target and present yourself to them as an expert on the subject and ask them to partner with you on the project.

If willing, they can send out a broadcast message endorsing the webinar event, and it will get a large response because it’s coming from the owner, not one of its members.

It would even be worth it to offer them some sort of compensation for the opportunity. Remember: this is an entirely new audience to expose yourself to, so don’t be afraid to invest.

I would suggest that the group be fairly large to make it worth it, so look for a group that’s at least 1000 members. Also, take a look to see how active the members are with discussion topics and other contributions to the group. The last thing you want to do is waste time in a “dead” group.

Finally, don’t be shy about getting with multiple group owners. The more exposure that you have, the better.

God bless.

Larry Beacham
“The Stonecold Millionaire”

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