80 / 20 Rules in most areas of work or play

Are you raising your hand every day?

Some standards rarely waver over decades and the 80 / 20 Rule still Rules.

Albeit variance in some areas of the economy where 97% of the wealth comes from 3% of the population.  How do they get there?  Chew on that a bit but we are not covering it here.  You may see your life more as a 90 / 10 differential due to the changes in the economy; you may not.

The 80 / 20 principles exist in finance, talkers vs. walkers, lack of follow-up vs always being ahead of the game.  It exists in virtually every profession.  Be it 10 Fire’persons’, 2 will outdo the performances instinctively over the other 8.  You will agree in major or minor sports that 20% of the teams out perform the other 80% in stats.

Most people, about 80%, would rather speak about themselves whiles the other 20% prefer to listen.  As a result, the 20% will earn more respect and more income.

Are you an 80%er or a 20%er?

Something found me; actually, revisited me after about 20 years and I was able to view it with a totally different perspective.

It is a business where I share in the profits when helping others to save money and become green in the process.  Most importantly, something the 80% can do (they are already are but don’t know it) and that is extremely important with such a high unemployment rate.

If we share a common appreciation for this principle, adopting the solutions more people agree with creates strength in living a more conservative, yet better quality of life. Let us slow down, get a real perspective and explore how exciting change in our habits, thoughts, words and actions will be.

This is not to say the 20% should sit back; rather they should continue to lead through example cheering the 80’s on.

If you are in a position to help others create income, confidence, independence and balance in their life; wouldn’t you too be happier?

Share your examples in life where the 80 / 20 rule applies.

Anxious for input from the many WAHM’s out there!

CSea Perkins

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