Buyers beware brain-, green- and white-washing

green in color only, where is the eco value?

You may be laughing at the title or scratching your head to figure out what I mean.  Simply put, a warning sign to prevent you from being taken by a ‘green message without substance or value, lacking green eco qualification’.  aka green washing!

Since day 1, someone has been brainwashing us.  Some call it conditioning, learning or growing.  It is, in fact, the foundations to our learning received in the first 5 years of our existence that dictate our future.  We need to take and keep control of our values to avoid much of this ‘washing’ from clouding our judgment.

Green, the verb, is good. However, like any country in the world, there are people capitalizing on a term / fad without integrity or proof.

We either give the benefit of the doubt and trust or we don’t.  Erring on the side of caution is smart; it means you are actually doing the eco.nomics, making wise decisions (eco friendly and finance friendly).

Travel back in time, put up your guard, put some research into your decision, then forge ahead.  Retain control of your decisions.

Don’t allow the advertising to make up your mind; inspect what you expect out of the product and / or service prior to taking it on.

Example:  Green this and green that should have an eco friendly purpose attached to it and proof to back it up.

We should all take several steps back and give a bit more thought to our decisions to insure they last longer without incidence.  Green is good when it protects, defends and conserves the environment.

  • Did you leave the water running when brushing your teeth this morning?
  • Did you leave the car running to warm up prior to getting in and taking the journey?
  • Did you turn off the power strips to conserve energy before you left the house?
  • Did you take your own cup to the coffee shop or gain trash?

Give your actions due thought and ask yourself what you can do to conserve today.

Have an attitude of gratitude, proudly become more green and lead by example.

CSea Perkins

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  1. This article offers some valid tips, because “being green” has become rather poplar and there will always an entity that will choose to capitalize from this trend with out the proof to back it up.

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