7 Sites that can help you explode your internet footprint?

Andrew Turnbull and CSea agree, great ways to jump start your exposure, be seen and heard!  Twitter value is very debatable; yet a vehicle to get your site to thousands instantly.

CEO at www.nt3.com.au – Digital Resume Database  (global presence)

7 Sites that can help you explode your internet footprint?

Right, the time has come to get down to business 🙂

I would like to share with you, some strategies in using free “Social Media” that have consistently worked for me and believe me, I am no “computer expert”.

I want to hear your take on what has worked for you also!

If you are like me, you probably stumbled through setting up your social media footprint, making mistakes and learning along the way by reading blogs and nicking ideas from other, more established social media gurus….

I have spent the past 3 years, desperately trying to keep pace with the newest latest trends as I knew it would be important…then I realized…it’s all about sticking to and building up what works!

Here are 7 Must have Social Media footprints that it is worth spending time on for your business or personal interest.

The 7 Below are all free….

1) Twitter – http://www.twitter.com – Create a twitter account, and share all your blog posts, quotes, education, sales, special products, special concerns about the environment, other natural solutions, etc.  A great way to generate traffic to your main site.  Do Not waste time on this.  Use a free traffic generator http://TweetSpinner.com after creating your twitter account.

1.1) Bloghttp://WordPress.com offers a phenomenal free Application for this.   Check out http://BioHonor.com (subscribe) then click on other blogs for ideas of how you wish to design your WEB PRESENCE for FREE.

2) Use the “Share tab linking your services to 225 of the world’s most popular social media. You will find share tabs on my Ning Blog and on my website http://www.nt3.com.au – Try sharing something from here with your networks to see how it works. “

http://yoono.com (a type of SHARE allows you to post to some or all of your sites at one time)

3) NINGhttp://www.ning.com http://GoGreenDaytona.ning.com is another example created in a couple hours.

I could kiss the people at Ning. They developed a free, open source tool that allows you to build your own Social Network. I have actually used it as my Blog Page. Almost every trick I have learned so far can be found and incorporated into my blog. Ning is a must have if you want to build a community around a product or a group.
Check out my Ning page here – http://nt3-digital-cv.ning.com/
4) Go Animate – http://www.goanimate.com

If you have been looking for a way to create a video that is a bit different, then you might like to check out Go Animate. I have created several business clips explaining our new jobsite and how it works videos using Go Animate.

Its just brilliant and it’s good fun. It is fairly straight forward but, It takes some time to get used to, because you are only limited by your imagination. You get a viral link to your video and you can create as many as you like. – It’s also at the right price (Free) Check mine out as an example…

You can download the Animation free, but they usually put advertising at the start of the clip…which I didn’t want for business…so I downloaded the clips to store on my computer.

You can pay $10.00US to get the download then upload your animation to YouTube like I did http://www.nt3.com.au/recruitment-training-australia/jobseeker-videos.php

5) Facebook Business Pages

It is definitely worthwhile setting up a Facebook page for your business. It’s a great place to link your blogs and give people an easy option to share your content with friends and networks. Here is an example of mine ( It’s only fairly New) http://www.facebook.com/pages/wwwnt3comau/20782954746

http://groups.to/eco.nomics/ is an example Group Business on Facebook

6) Set up your own YouTube Channel
This was fairly easy once I got my head around it. If you can build a LinkedIn profile, you can build a YouTube channel. See mine here http://YouTube.com/CSeaPerkins :

7) Obviously – LinkedIn. http://LinkedIn.com/in/2csea
It is worthwhile re-visiting your LinkedIn profile and adding in some Applications. I added Box.net and I keep company sales documents and e-books in there. They get downloaded at least twice a week if not more.

BONUS:  Have yourself a http://www.bit.ly bookmark to shorten the long URL’s that you wish to share with others.

The most effective way to invite people to a new site or communicate online is using a short impactful video.  It is taking the internet like a storm and creating excellent results.  http://bit.ly/CSeaWowWe click on products for details.  Automated generation, unlimited vMail sends and tracking.

I have heaps more that I play with, but these 7 are some interesting sites that I have found to help me grow my business.

It would be great to hear about everyone’s experiences and what works!

Best Regards

Andrew Turnbull
CEO – www.nt3.com.au
nt3 Digital Resume Database

How it works Videos – http://bit.ly/4uCu3D

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