The Law of Attraction In Action with Feedback


Less aggressive - Listening is the way to go in order to succeed

“Feeding back what you think you heard”, is a very powerful principle (one of the 4 Natural Selling Principles). It can be more powerful than a magnet and achieve for you and your potential partner or customer amazing results.

I was coaching a group the other day on the phone and we were listening to two participants doing a role play.

At the end of it I asked the person who was being “Called” how she felt about the other person’s dialogue and approach. And this is what she said;

  • “He really listens well”.
  • “He was very informative”.
  • “I learned a lot from him”.

Then, as a group, we examined the dialogue closely and discussed what REALLY happened.

We discovered that he actually said VERY little! He also did not directly inform, teach or tell her anything.

What he did do was to practically apply the Law of Attraction using “Feedback” as one of his communication tools.

Here is what he did do to earn these compliments;

  1. He fed back to her his understanding of what he heard her say and mean based on what she told him!

    This gave the impression he was intently listening. In fact he was, otherwise he could never have been that accurate.

  2. He asked further questions based on her answers to expand on and gain further understanding of what was said previously.

    This is a form of “Feed Back”. It strengthened even further her perception of him being a very focused listener and subconsciously magnified his attractiveness.

  3. He occasionally hooked a question onto the end of his feedback. Here’s an example…

    “So you’ve never had, and really want, the money to be able to have your parents taken care of professionally so as to take the burden off of you…. So what is stopping you from doing something about it right now?”

    (The question is a Natural Selling Solution Question by the way!)

“Feedback” and questions like this allow you to act like a mirror or a sounding board. The other person gets to reflect on and think more deeply about their present situation.

They also allow the other person to learn without you having to inform, tell, teach or sell (Not the conventional way, anyway!)

And what are they learning?

They’re learning what they want, why they want it and their level of commitment to do something about it.

Using feedback effectively is the topic of part five of my book “How To Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!” It’s important to use feedback throughout your conversations to clarify and avoid misunderstandings. It also plays an essential role when you come to the Presenting and Committing stages.

And if you want to hear for yourself how feedback is used in practice there are examples throughout my CD program the “Best Of Michael Oliver’s 6-Day Fast Track Teleclasses“.

Feed Back! The Law of Attraction in Action! Listen to people and they will listen to you!

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