refocus your thinking, mostly your speaking

Make it about them, NOT you or your business

According to Michael, DON’T Talk About Your Business!

He is so very right, read on to see why you can create excellent results with humility.


Something I’ve been doing for sometime now at my workshops, seminars and speaking engagements is to bring a total stranger onto the stage and demonstrate Natural Selling… “Total stranger” meaning I leave the theater go out to the street find a stranger and bring them back on stage with me. This allows me to prove that you can speak with anyone, anywhere and at anytime without fear or anxiety.

The following is the last part of a dialogue I recently had when I asked someone I didn’t know to help me demonstrate how to communicate. This was with a group I was teaching at a workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel earlier this year.

The stranger I spoke with was someone who worked for a translation company and was renting headsets to some of the workshop attendees who did not have a good grasp of English.

When I approached him, I asked him if he knew what I was teaching and he replied he didn’t. I said I was teaching a communications workshop and it would be a great help if he could help me out. He was quite resistant at first to coming on the stage! (Most people are when they hear they realize they are gong to have to sit in front of a large audience!). He finally agreed.

On the stage I immediately made him comfortable and connected with him by asking him about his favorite subject – himself!

The dialogue ended like this…

“So, let me ask you. If you could do something that allowed you to take off for six months to Thailand and take your dog with you and not have to worry about money to support you, is that something you would consider?”

“Yes I would.”

“How important would that be to you?”

“I think… very important… why? Do you know of something?”

“I might… and let’s say from 1 – 10, 10 being you would seriously consider making a change to achieve what it is you want to achieve…. How would you rate yourself?”

“I would say 10!”

“The reason I’m asking is that I might know of a way for you to achieve that, and if you’re serious I would be quite happy to share that with you.”

“Yes, tell me what it is!”

I then gave him a very brief two line description of the opportunity.

It ended up with him agreeing to come to a meeting to find out more about how the business could potentially allow him to get the things he wanted and leave behind those he didn’t.

What I did, was go through the whole Natural Selling process of the “Conversation Framework”, from the initial contact to the Committing Stage where he agreed to take the next step.

And if you’d like to discover how to conduct dialogues just like this yourself, then my Natural Selling “Home Study Course” is the definitive guide for you.

An Important Lesson

After our dialogue he agreed to answer questions from the audience.

One of the questions was this;

“Why is it that you agreed to look into the business opportunity with Michael and yet you turned many of us down when we approached you during the day?”

This was his reply. Please make note of it!

“Because you guys were trying to sell me or get me to do something. Michael didn’t do that – he was interested in me and what I wanted and I figured it made sense to see what he had.”

So the point is, if you want someone to be interested in your business… DON’T talk about your business! Talk about them!

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