Are You Over Qualifying And Losing Massive Potential Opportunities?

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Our weekly Oliver’s Twist by Michael Oliver.  Master of words and relational thought.


How many potential partners are you unknowingly losing by being too rigid or too demanding in your qualifying requirements?

You might want to heed this story from a very successful person I know. Consistently one of the top earners in his company, he is a past coaching student of mine!

Here is what he said…

“If I had been told when I was called by my upline that he was, quote – ‘looking for people who want to earn a yearly six figure income…’ – I would never have started.”

I asked him why.

What he told me could profoundly affect what you’re saying to your potential partners and the success of your business…

“At the time I was earning about $60,000 a year as an engineer. All I wanted to do was get out of it. I hated it. My thinking was that if I could get the same income by working for myself, that’s all I wanted.

Making a six-figure income would have been beyond my belief or even my needs and desire at that time… And if the person who called me said that it was a requirement, I would have disqualified myself and may have joined someone else.”

And what a loss that would have been both for himself and his upline if that $100K qualifying “restriction” had been presented to him… because he achieved his annual goal in just a few short months!

He then realized the sky was the limit and he could make as much as he wanted! And he does!

He literally “grew” into the idea that anything was attainable.

Ask yourself, how many “growing” opportunities could you be losing to other independent business owners because they are open to infinite possibilities by not creating self-imposed rigid hurdles?

In this particular case, what do you feel is more important? That your potential partner has to want to earn in excess of $100K each year, or must have a burning desire to change their present circumstances?

To me the answer is self-evident. It’s the desire to change.

However, the choice as always is yours! If you choose the $100K, then be aware it can have the opposite effect of what you’re intending. You will shut out countless potential possibilities as in my students’ case.

You can read more about the effective use of qualifying and Qualifying Questions in Chapter 12 of my book “How To Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety Or Losing Your Friends!

So take a look at what you’re saying or asking and perhaps Re-Think it. Make sure you’re not losing people based on qualifiers that while sounding good to you, can cause you a massive loss of potential opportunities.

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