Is this Network Marketing?

Hi CSea,

From the many emails I receive, it’s clear that the question “Is this Network Marketing?” is the one that most Network Marketers least want to hear when talking with a potential business partner.

So how would you feel if it didn’t matter to you whether it came up or not?

How would it feel if you could address the question with zero fear or anxiety and have more people join you as a result?

Allow me to explain how you can do this.

First, there are two traps that you must avoid.

The first one is to not be vague or try to avoid the question.

Doing this simply raises a red flag that perhaps you re attempting to hide something. It will ruin any chance of continuing or establishing a productive conversation and relationship with them.

The second trap to avoid is to immediately launch into a pre-rehearsed defense of the industry, such as “Yes, but it’s not what you think it is. Let me explain…”

The problem with this is that once again you’re likely to raise doubt because you’re being defensive.

Also, because you’ve got no idea what the other person really thinks about Network Marketing you’re guessing when responding like that!

So, what to do?

Well, as with any questions that come up, one of the keys is to discover more about what “is being meant rather than what is being said”.

So, one way to respond would be to say “Yes it is.  Are you familiar with Network Marketing?” Or “Yes it is.  Do you know anything about Network Marketing?”

You might find that the other person knows a lot and has a favorable view of the industry!  Even if they don’t, by getting behind the question you’ll find out if there’s a concern that needs to be discussed further.

When you address the question “Is This Network Marketing?” in this fashion, you’ll find that it just becomes part of the dialogue and allows you to make your dialogue more positive and productive.

I illustrate how to do this in more detail in my 3 CD audio program that’s called, appropriately, “Is This Network Marketing?”

The program contains 4 role plays that reveal different ways to respond to this question in a variety of circumstances.  Once you’ve mastered this approach, the question “Is this Network Marketing?” will never again be an obstacle to your business building.

All the details of this CD program are right here…

Have a peaceful and prosperous week…


P.S.  There’s a special bonus when you order your copy before Midnight this Saturday, January 16th.

The transcripts of the audios will be included at no extra cost.

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