The Power of Decision and Action

This is one very strong example of Servant Leadership.  Mark Skovron and Jeff Peltin walk the talk.

You may wish to read (respond to) these pertinent action steps to creating the Masterpiece you desire in your life.  Although this coaching was specifically designed for ACN Representatives in the Maximum Achievement Group; it is my responsibility to share the value, no matter what type of business endeavors you engage in.

Life coaching to get the 5″ between your ears aligned with your thoughts, words, actions and ultimate results.

HUGE SHOUT OUT to Mark and Jeff for their Wisdom and Sharing… CSea Perkins


Mark Skovron / Jeff Peltin, MaxGroup

Put this to work in your life immediately in order to have your best year ever!

2010 – How To Have Your Best Year Ever!

This is clearly one of my favorite trainings that I conduct in NM.

We’re going to partner together in a creative process

in the matter of designing you a future and a life that you love.

As it relates to your ACN Business, give some pause to these and other questions as you design and literally create your new year.

What you are encouraged to do, is to actually write the questions down that I am going to cover, and begin a new 2010 Life Journal by answering the questions.

Get a binder.

Write down the questions and examples.

Go ahead and start filling in the answers as they occur to you by your

stream of consciousness.

You see:  You can either lead a life created by design, a life really worth living,

or you can end up as most people – reacting to whatever is thrown at you

for each day.

There are two ways to face the future:

One way is with apprehension; the other is with anticipation.

How you face the future is a direct indication of how you thinking about how it will turn out.

Here is the problem for 90%+ of people:

***They have no goals.

***They have no specific, measurable goals.

***Their goals are not written down.

***They don’t put in place a daily action plan that incorporates the activities

that lead toward the accomplishment of their goals.

***They don’t continuously review their goals and their progress.

It’s no small wonder that at the end of most people’s lives, there is a sense of all that was missed, and what could have been.

Hey, if you don’t do any planning, or make specific arrangements for your future,

your life, then you don’t have the right to complain about how it ends up.

Participate in this exercise with me tonight and gain a new clarity around what it is that is really important to you and your family or family of choice.  Put in place the things that would move you toward your most desired objectives.

I am going to lead you powerfully toward new insights and openings for action so that you can design a life that you love instead of one that is simply by default.

I find it fascinating, that as Mary Kay Ash said, “Most people plan their vacations with better care than they plan their lives.”

2010 Life Journal Questions For You To Answer:

1.   What are my three biggest goals for myself in my ACN Business

for this year?


Become an ETT, ETL, TC, RVP or SVP

And when?

I will be an ETT by _____
I will be an ETL by _____

I will be a TC by _____

I will be an RVP(3) by _____

I will be an RVP(4) by _____

I will be an SVP by _____

Earn $1,000 in one month

Earn $1,000 in one week

Earn $100k a year

Go full time in ACN

2.   What are my three biggest goals for my team in my ACN Business for this year?


Produce X _____ number of ETT’s.

Produce X _____ number of ETL’s.

Produce X _____ number of TC’s.

Produce X _____ number of RVP’s, SVP’s.

Help 5 people go full time.

Get 10, 20, 50, 100 people to the next International Training Event.

3.   What are the things that I would have to do differently to accomplish these goals this year?


Schedule and commit to X _____ hours per week to work in my business.

Personally sponsor 2 people a month.

Conduct 5 three way calls a week with my upline.

Conduct 10, 20 three way calls per week with my downline.

4.   What are the specific differences that it would it make to my family and I having accomplished these goals this year?


Pay off all family debt.

Start a real significant accumulation program.

Go buy $1,000 worth of food at Sam’s Club and take to a food shelter.

Remodel my Mom’s kitchen  (Jeff example).

Write a $10,000 check to the charity of my choice.

Buy/help with the down payment of a car, college or house for a child.

Go full time to spend more time with family.

5.   What would the “perfect day” look like in my life if I were earning a

full-time income (replacement) on a residual basis from ACN?


Wake when I’m done sleeping.


Brisk walk or run around the lake in morning.

Meditation, prayer, reading.

Answer emails, calls.

Lunch with spouse/partner.

More calls, appointments.

Work out.

Dinner with spouse and kids.

Conduct a PBR/ 2 PBR’s.  Private Business Reception

Calls to check in with team.

Spend time reflecting on the next day and being thankful.

6.   Who would I have to become to turn that perfect day into reality for every day of my life?


A leader – Lead by example.

“What kind of business would my business be,

if everyone worked it just like me?”

Do it first – Don’t wait on my team, my Upline, or the company.

Don’t tell them, show them.

Integrity: Do the activity/Do what I say.

Care about your team/Obsess about them.

Also be willing to let some of them be on the bench.

7.   What would I have to give up (like “let go of”) in order to be at cause for the accomplishment of these goals this year?


Excuses of every kind: This would be one of the greatest breakthrough’s

that you would cause in your entire lifetime!

“Paralympics Games”  People with physical and sensorial disabilities:

“What’s YOUR excuse?” is their motto.


The Company

Upline (Management, Sponsors)

Downline (Anyone in your team)

Poor personal habits:

Watching television

What could you accomplish without TV for a year?

What could you accomplish without news for a year?

Stop listening to CNN and start listening to ACN.

What could you accomplish without blame and gossip for a year?

What could you accomplish with gratitude for a year?


Are there some hobbies that you can cut back on in order to free up

some additional time to build your ACN Business?

Negative friends or negative people of any kind

“If you don’t want to be like them, than stop hanging around them.”  (Skovron)

You simply cannot have a powerful life by hanging out with dull, disillusioned,

trash-talking, negative, pessimistic, dad-gum cry babies.

Cut them off now.  They’ll take you down with them.

“We must be careful not to let our current appetites steal away any chance we might have for a future feast.”

8.   What would I have to start doing (probably that I am not doing now),

in order to be at cause for these goals this year?


Schedule the time to work the business every week.

(10 to 12 hours a week minimum).

Read something every day that contributes and challenges for self-evolution.

Read every MaxGroup Newsletter for a year.

Be on every MaxGroup Call for a year.

Be on auto-ship for magazines.

(What kind of business can you possibly be building if you’re not giving away at least 20 Success From Home Magazines and ACN DVD’s a month?

The answer:  Not much.)

Be at all 4 ACN International Training Events for a year.

Start calling my team for appointments.

Have a minimum personal activity level that I will complete weekly – no matter what.

Work with those who deserve it, not those who “are needy”.

9.   What are the predictable obstacles that are likely to prevent me from reaching my goals this year?

Hint:  These always stand in your way of everything that you want to achieve.


Time restraints.

Fear restraints  (Fear of failure/Fear of success).

Caring about what other people think.

Not doing something because I don’t “feel like it”.

Low activity level.  Low energy level.

“Stop thinking that small is big.”

10.   Knowing what the obstacles are ahead of time, and seeing them clearly, what steps can I take to avoid or eliminate those obstacles and be at cause for my desired outcome ?


Schedule the time – Even cancel other life activities – Can’t have it all.

Get agreement from your spouse and kids.

Call your upline and get into accountability.

Work on areas of self-improvement.

Plug into everything MaxGroup and ACN that I can.

Register for San Jose International Event – Stop whining and just do it!

“Win first, then play.”


Start 2010 right.  Be in action.

Be at cause in the matter of your life and your ACN Business.

People think that they have no control over how it turns out,

but the truth is, we do.

The Question we must constantly be asking ourselves:

“Am I doing the most productive thing that I can do to build my business at this moment?”

We all have two choices:  We can make a living or we can design a life.

When the promise is clear, the price gets easy.

So what’s it going to be in 2010?

More of the same or something created on purpose that really speaks to and honors who you are?

Life is GREAT at ACN!

Mark and Jeff

“Control your destiny or someone else will.”


CSea Perkins invites you to plug-in to some serious coaching that will make you think!  Special Guest on 1/4/10  Shane Douglas, SVP

Every Monday – The MaxGroup/ACN Success Team Call

8:00 PM EDT to 9:00/9:15 PM EDT

Lines Open At 7:45 PM EDT

Call In Number (712) 432-0075

Participant Passcode:  167486#

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