1:01 on 1/1/10 what are (were) you doing?

Full Moon with fireworks

As the Full Moon shines overhead, glistening over crashing waves coming from the north, that beauty and chill bring with it many memories.

An overwhelming desire to create new, even more exciting memories.  It’s a beautiful thing … life.

Wonderful memories spent with family, friends, business associates and total strangers.  Some include spectacular fireworks, parades, gratitude, celebrations of so many different kinds.

One common denominator, there were smiles and laughter everywhere.  Very healing and positive way to ring in the New Year.

This past decade of ‘automation, gadgets, speed’ and lack of patience open up many possibilities for a New Decade, the Twenty Ten’s.

Make the time to compare January 1, 2009 to January 1, 2010.  Did you move forward, backward or remain status quo?

Now, describe what you want January 2, 2011 to look, feel, smell and taste like?  Who will be with you and what will you be doing, where?

The years tend to get shorter as we grow older; make sure they are more fulfilling.  You choose and just do it.  Allow yourself to create greatness, kick doubt and excuses right in the butt and celebrate the rewards.

CSea Perkins, dawning of a new and wonderful decade.

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