Obstacles are Stepping Stones, all in the attitude

Achieve your goals, one step at a time

We are nearing Christmas quickly, in my opinion, too quickly.

As children, it seems to take forever to reach Christmas morning. That wait, that anticipation is very exciting and motivating to be good.

What happens as we get older?

We become more suspicious, apprehensive and cynical.  Some call it ‘more cautious’ and others stay ‘stiff and cold’.

Time flies like never before and oh, those obstacles seem to be never ending.

Think back to when you were younger.  Were there any obstacles you could not overcome?  I found each one as a challenge and a stepping stone.  I knew in my heart every step I take would bring more knowledge and excitement.

This Christmas, 2009, allow yourself to see life and its ‘challenges’ as stepping stones to achieving your most wonderful dreams.

Keep your eye on the prize and don’t ever give up.

Remember to always ‘do the eco.nomics’ the smart thing for your today and your tomorrow’s.

Sending you love and light this Holiday Season with wishes for optimum health and abundant happiness… CSea Perkins

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