Myth: Always Lead With The Business Opportunity

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“What do you lead with, the business opportunity or the product?” is a question I’m often asked? My response is always, “Depends on the situation and circumstances!”

Here are some examples of what to do in different situations. These are taken from chapter 11 of my book “How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!”

Following Up On A Lead Or A Referral.

If you’re replying to someone who has already stated they are looking for a business opportunity or want more information about your products, then stay with whatever they enquired about.

Unless the other person gives clues that they might be interested in exploring the other solution, don’t go there. You can always come back at a later date after you’ve satisfied the primary need they have.

Talking With A Friend, Family Member Or Someone You Know.

Here it would depend on where you felt the greatest need (for them) based on your past experience and knowledge of their present circumstances.

For example, if they are still in discomfort from some ailment then you would want to start a dialogue around the history of their health issue to discover which products you have that might help them.

If it surfaces that that changing their lifestyle is the issue, then the focus of your questions would concentrate on their present lifestyle situation and future desires.

It’s important to mention not to be in a hurry to present your solution too early. More opportunities are lost by doing this than anything else I know.

Being in a hurry to get your solution out on the table is merely an indication that you’re focused more on your need than theirs. The results are more often than not, high levels of rejection and objections (and then you’re back to square one having to use all those “in your face” uncomfortable objection handling techniques again!!)


Talking with strangers is easy! Open the conversation with whatever feels correct at the time. For example: if you see someone get up from a chair with a little groan, it might indicate some physical discomfort.

If you’re in the business of “relieving physical discomfort” You might ask, “Are you OK?” and follow up by enquiring as to the extent of their problem with a question like, “Looks like you’ve got a little discomfort there?”.

You’ll more than likely get a short or a long history of whatever is the matter.

Allow them to expand until you can find out whether they are still looking for relief from their discomfort and whether they are open to help. Most will be and they’ll also be prepared to listen to or look at your solution if you don’t pressure them by talking about it too early.

Again, don’t force the issue of having to talk about your income opportunity. Leave it to another time and let it happen naturally.

On the other hand you could start a dialogue with a stranger by simply starting with an everyday question, “So how is your day going?”

If you want to know more about the psychology behind starting conversations read chapter 11 of my book. . If you prefer to listen to me explaining this, then it’s all on my audio program “12 Ways To Start Effective Conversations Without Fear!

Have a peaceful and prosperous week…

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