Change, the Only Constant by Denis Waitley … embrace change

Change is inevitable; adapt and accept it.

New Post, not a new TOPIC.

What is one thing you can absolutely promise and keep that promise?

Telling someone you guarantee every day will change, whether they see it or not.  One constant that will never fail.  Accept this will happen and learn to adapt to it.  Otherwise, the negative energy will cause you discomfort.

Although I’ve written dozens of articles on ’embracing change’ over the past 3 decades; I’m very excited to add Denis’ article below… CSea


There’s a Chinese proverb that is more relevant today than ever before: “If you haven’t seen a man or woman for three days, look them over very carefully when you next encounter them, for they will have changed dramatically during that three-day period.”

More changes are crammed into every day of our lives than our grandparents experienced in decades—and this process is just beginning. Every 15 seconds a new Web site is launched! Every 15 minutes a new technological breakthrough occurs! Every 15 days a new product or service is introduced that didn’t exist before! Consider for a moment that the musical greeting card you ordered via the Web has more computing power than existed on the planet when the first satellite went into orbit.

Consider the computer’s impact. Designed as a tool for managing complexity, it also adds complexity, just as freeways add more traffic. The computer enables us to sort, store, retrieve and transmit information with ever-increasing speed. But the faster data can be analyzed, the faster decisions are expected, and the greater the pressure to reach them. And the computer’s efficiency is hardly lost on our competitors. They utilize them to produce goods and services of comparable quality, for less money.

As this year comes to a close and the New Year arrives, welcome change rather than try to resist it. Learn how to make change work for you rather than against you. Develop unique strategies and skills that enable you to create opportunities from challenges. In response to rapid change, introduce it in the form of new business systems, pricing and marketing that increase effectiveness and efficiency; create new products and new services; lower costs and encourage ideas to enhance productivity.

In everything we do, there are more choices available today than at any other time in history. To become the “brand” or “person” of choice, give others what they want in a time-starved world. Save others time and money, and you will gain more time, freedom and wealth.

This week embrace change and make it work to your advantage!

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