Excuses and Stressors, get rid of them. What would Tiger Woods do?

Stress is unhealthy

This entire past week I have seen an increase in stress with the people I’ve communicated with.  Have you seen the same or are you surrounded only by extremely positive and motivating people?

The excuses are beginning to pour out of them; it is as though they have lost their confidence and perspective on life.  Uncontrollable fear – get it under control quick, the health consequences are not worth the negative energy put forth.

Does Christmas, the reason for the season, increase the stress in people?

Take charge; keep control and increase your ability to reduce stress in others as well as yourself.

When you see someone is extra stressed; open up a seriously comedic video to help them regain control over their emotions.

What examples of a video, a song, compassionate conversation or an image would you use to reverse their stress?

CSea Perkins

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