Huge discounts in local / LD rates, time to compare and save

English | Español will give you many alternatives.  An example of reduced local / long distance is from the National Average of $39 / mo to $22 / mo. Check your area for availability.

Save NOW and every month!

ACN Local and Long Distance Just Got Better!

Our pricing philosophy is to consistently monitor the marketplace, so that our rates are at or below the carrier, assuring your customers savings they simply cannot get anywhere else.  With 93% of U.S. households still using traditional phone service, the opportunity to grow your business with ACN Local and Long Distance is better than ever!

We have adjusted our rates and feature offerings for new customers to be competitive with the local market. Many of our rates in various markets have decreased, placing us below the local incumbent carrier.

Important Changes to Note:
New rates are for new customers only.

Customer can sign up for ACN Local and Long Distance service through Paper LOAs are no longer available. A printable version of the order form will be available within the online portal in the near future.
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