The 6 Important Elements – close the sale

I (Micheal Oliver) was talking with someone the other day about the purpose of qualifying. Coming from a conventional selling point of view he was at first quite narrow in his definition. It made me think of an article I wrote sometime ago on the subject, so here it is slightly updated.

Unlike the conventional hard hitting and self centered approach of aggressively qualifying someone, Natural Selling allows you to qualify your potential partners and customers in a harmonious way, and just as importantly, help them qualify and inspire themselves to change and want to do business with you.

The Purpose Of Qualifying In Natural Selling Is Six Fold.

  1. Qualify by discovering if there is a difference between what they have and what they need.
  2. Qualify their level of desire to change their present situation.
  3. Qualify if they have or if they can find the necessary resources to make the change.
  4. Qualify whether your solution is the correct one for them.
  5. Qualify yourself by helping them qualify you, to know they can trust you.
  6. Help them qualify themselves.

Think about qualifying as working both ways. They are qualifying you as much as you are them. It is up to you to help them do this. Work as two people in a neutral space working as one helping the other to find a better understanding of what the other is looking for.

It goes beyond right and wrong. As one famous sage put it, “Beyond the wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there”.

Natural Selling is about creating that field; that environment where the both of you can talk without fear. And it all starts with YOU and how you think before you even talk with anyone.

12 Reasons Why It’s Worth Doing

  • It automatically attracts people to you.
  • It’s not aggressive.
  • It takes less time than the conventional approach.
  • People will let go of their defenses if you let go of your posturing and aggressive stance.
  • It takes the stress and anxiety out of talking with people.
  • It eliminates all their stress from talking with you.
  • It’s effortless.
  • It demonstrates you care.
  • It helps people motivate themselves to change.
  • Once they make the decision to change they are more likely to stick with it.
  • It helps people challenge beliefs that hold them back.
  • They will openly tell you more.
  • As a result you’ll accomplish more in less time, with less stress and less effort.

    I talk more about how to actually go about qualifying in Chapter 12 of my book “How To Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!” where I talk about Qualifying Questions and the Discovering Stage.

    So, take a fresh look at qualifying and keep in mind what I’ve talked about as you progress through your dialogues guided by the Natural Selling Conversation Framework.

    It’s the Tai Chi of selling!

    Have a peaceful and prosperous week…

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