Green Holiday Greetings – vMail in eMail

The Smile Factor

What is vMail, some ask?  It is the current wave of how to communicate regularly through eMail, with a personalized video of yourself or the group in the room.

  • Would you rather receive a video and see them speaking to you or sit and read line after line?
  • Would you rather quickly and easily send a vMail rather than typing line after line, spell checking, then copy and paste to each friend and send individually?

The convenience of sending virtually unlimited vMail to anyone as often as you like or change the template each time or send more than one video is AVAILABLE NOW.  <– click for a demonstration of some of the limitless ways to communicate more efficiently, emotionally and successfully.

People no longer have to wonder if the words have a ‘different intention’ as many words are misinterpreted depending on the mood of the reader.  Hm, do you fall into that category?

Misunderstood, alleged to be this way or that way?

CSea Perkins

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