It’s NOT About Creating A “Relationship”!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Michael Oliver’s TWIST / TRUTH about selling.


Here is something that I confess makes my hair stand on end! It’s part of an email I got and refers to something I hear frequently.

“When I call people it’s not for the purpose of selling but to get to know them, create a relationship and then call them back again the following week.”

Let’s be clear about this. It’s NOT about having a nice chat, creating a relationship and calling them back next week.

It IS about establishing in the first call whether they are serious about changing their present situation and whether they are prepared to do something about it. That’s all!

If they are, you introduce your solution and how it can help them get what they want.

If they are not… you don’t! You bow out graciously. You let them know that when they are ready, you’re ready. Then clear your mind and move on and talk with others who are NOT satisfied with where they are and ARE prepared to do something about it.

I don’t care what kind of products, business opportunity, compensation plan etc., you have. If they are not serious about taking some kind of action, then nothing is going to change and there is no point in wasting both your time pursuing something that is an illusion.

Let’s talk about the “Relationship”.

In Natural Selling it’s not about creating a relationship for the purpose of making a sale. The relationship is created as a natural consequence of how you think and how you talk with people. The relationship is cemented regardless of the outcome. It comes with the territory of understanding and applying Natural Selling.

The way you do this is to allow them to talk about the difference between what they have and what they want and why they want it. Help them get clear about their present situation. The Natural Selling dialogue itself is designed to do this. It will even go so far as actually taking their interest and desire up a notch or two.

The main point though is to get to their level of seriousness.

Here are some key points;

  1. You’re looking for someone who is looking to move away from and/or move toward something and has enough desire to do it.
  2. You’re looking for someone who is prepared to help themselves. Ask yourself, is it possible to help anyone who is not prepared to help themselves? No. It’s impossible.
  3. You’re looking for someone who is prepared to take responsibility for their actions in the past, in the present and in the future.

Think abundantly. Think leadership. If you were the CEO of a company (which you are by the way) would you hire just anyone off the street and trust your business and life on random chances? Of course you wouldn’t.

So think like and act like the CEO of an enlightened company whose primary purpose is to look for and help those who are prepared to help themselves.

And if you’d like a blueprint for making calls that will find and help those kind of people, then take a look at my “Calling Leads” audio program. The 4 CDs in this program reveal exactly how to make every call you make a productive exercise in business building and relationship building with the right people.

Have a peaceful and prosperous week…

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