Ignorance Can Make You Wealthy!

Ignorance is bliss.

This week’s installment of effective coaching toward a successful business.  Michael’s message continues to offer the weekly value we have come to expect.  Digest the following the be closer to your greatness… CSea Perkins


I was at our local market place savoring a nice apple pie a la mode when I struck a conversation with some people there.

We got around to talking about selling and one of them, I discovered, used to work for the local and very large telephone company.

She told me she became the top sales person in the first month she joined. And then after that her ranking plummeted.

I asked her why that was, and her reply was something that all of us might pay attention to…

She said, “In the first month no one told me I was in the sales department. All they told me during my training was that people would call looking for a phone service and that I was to help them find what they needed and help them buy it.”

“So in the first month you didn’t think of yourself as a sales person?” I asked.

“No, I didn’t! And when I found out I was, by looking at the board where the month’s sales reports is posted, and seeing my name under salespeople, something happened to me… and the number of customers I serviced after that went down.”

“So how did you go about serving your customers in the first month” I probed.

“Well I would ask questions and give them the correct features depending on their requirements.”

“So why did it all change?”

“Because before I never saw myself as a salesperson, and then I saw that I was!”

“And what’s a… ‘salesperson’… in your minds eye?”

“You know, someone who is trying to sell something… trying to persuade them to buy our service… I just couldn’t do that…”

“But you could do what you were doing in the first month – yes?”


“So let me ask you… what if in reality selling is really what you were doing in your first month… and not what you saw on the board… would that have made a difference?”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is… What if the true essence of selling is really what you were doing in the first month… serving and helping people get what they need and giving it to them if you have the right solution… and not all that other stuff you thought it was? Would that have made a difference?”

“Yes. So, you’re saying that’s what selling is really all about?”

“From my perspective, absolutely, yes! It’s also the dictionary’s perspective as well, if you look back a few hundred years for its original definition. The original definition is that selling is to serve, to help and also to exchange… not to manipulate or persuade. So how does that make you feel?”

She laughed and said, “I guess that was what I was doing. Serving.”

“And if you hadn’t read that notice board with the word ‘salespeople’ do you think your time at the phone company would have been more fun and profitable?”

“Absolutely, yes… I’ll bear that in mind for the future.”

This particular story has a number of points that will help you with your Network Marketing business.

Firstly, it illustrates very clearly the power of the first principle of Natural Selling. That is, the purpose of your business is to help other people solve their problems. When the lady I was talking with focused on this, her job was easy, fun, profitable and fulfilling.

However, when she started to focus on her “agenda” as I call it (that is, when she started to think that she had to ‘sell’ her company’s service) things started to go wrong. She didn’t enjoy what she was doing and her results were not as good.

I talk more about this principle, and the other three principles of Natural Selling, in chapter 3 of my book “How To Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety Or Losing Your Friends!

Secondly, it demonstrates what selling is really about and how anyone can do it when they see it as it really is, (helping other people to get what they want… and not what they think it is!)

Unfortunately, many people (and Distributor’s) are not exposed to this. As a result have a negative view of selling.

But if you can let them see that selling isn’t what they think it is, then you’ve removed a block that might have prevented them from joining your business. I talk about this more in role plays number one and number five of my audio program “Introducing Your Business And Products“.

So, focus on your purpose and remember what selling is really about. You’ll find that not only will you help other people, but you’ll also get what you want without stress and quicker than you thought possible.

Have a peaceful and prosperous week…

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