are you an artist and / or a wanna be?


Di Fruscia Gallery "gentle whisper"

We can all appreciate good art, be it on canvas, a sculpture, the skyline, a child’s creations or what you find to be your form of artistic talent / creativity.

We have the Artist and the ‘wanna be’ that critiques and rarely attempts to create his / her own destiny.  They are waiting and believing it will come to them without action required on their part.

Many Artists admire the works of others and a few would rather speak ill of them.  Those speaking negatively; do you consider them an authentic Artist?

For whatever silly reason, they choose to be negative rather than appreciate the skills and talents of another. aka, the critic.

The Artist has no boundaries, they think and feel before transferring into their chosen artistic talent.  Nothing gets in the way of expressing their talent.  Because of this, many admire their works.

Both Artists and Admirers are Critics.  Do you agree the Artist is typically genuine and authentic while never sharing a negative thought, word or action?  Do you also agree that the people that will not create, grow or empower others is mostly negative about the achievements of others?

I ask again, are you an Artist or a wanna be?  Which do you choose to be?  You have the control; if your aren’t quite sure how to get the positive momentum flowing, connect with me.  I sure won’t let your attitude get you in the way of success; we just replace any ‘negative’ attitude with the positive.  You will then see how abundantly you will attract like attitudes.

Whether you are responsible for putting yourself through College, being an excellent employ or disciplined enough to own your own business; we must be the Artist.  Taking control prevents others taking control of you.

Life was created to be created… CSea Perkins


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