harvest time – reap what you sow – rewards

081606 020

bountiful rewards

Yes it is Fall / Autumn and many crops continue to nourish us, in many ways. The environment and the economy benefiting the health of those who planted seeds.

The colors are mood changing, earthy and nutritional.  The crops tended to, given more care and attention, grow quite abundantly.  However, it stands to reason that those left to mother nature alone have struggled in quality, quantity and overall value.

We receive out of life what we put into it and then some. The abundance grows accordingly, either profits or great debt.  Choose wisely, knowing you are ultimately responsible for what you receive.  After all, it is what you release that you attract back.

Yes, again; a riddle relating to your life.  The seasons, the words, thoughts, actions and cycles are working in synergy. Once aligned with this belief; life takes on a whole new perception.  Along with this growth comes far more potential than we tend to normally think we are capable of, much less believe we will achieve.

Well now is as good a time as any to reap the rewards from the life you have led (seeds you have sown) in the past 6 months.  Is your attitude one of gratitude?

Does it ooze out of your pores and attract even more reasons to be grateful?

Awesome; your harvest is healthy, as is your future.

Grateful to everyone and every circumstance in my life; seeing and feeling the puzzle of life grow and piece together makes more sense now… CSea Perkins

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