The #1 Way to Fight Global Warming


Do Your Part


Support a clean car standard to save us money at the pump, make our country more secure, and fight global warming!

What’s the single biggest step we can take to reduce global warming emissions?

Give up? The answer is requiring our national fleet of vehicles to average 35.5 mpg, which is exactly what the Obama Administration is proposing to do.

The EPA and the Department of Transportation (DOT) need your support if they are going to follow through with strong new standards for car and light truck emissions.

The proposed standards have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 950 million metric tons over the lifetime of the vehicles sold in model years 2012-2016.1 That’s the equivalent of shutting down 204 coal-fired power plants for a year!

But that’s not all. During the same time period these standards could save 1.8 billion barrels of oil, which works out to $3,000 dollars over the life of a new vehicle.2 That’s money we’ll keep in our pockets instead of shipping it to countries like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Libya, and Nigeria.

Tell the EPA and DOT that we can’t afford to wait–send a message supporting strong vehicle emissions standards today!

It’s time we take vehicle standards out of the 1970s and into the 21st century and lay a strong foundation for the cleaner vehicles we need to end our reliance on oil and curb global warming.

We need your help to win strong standards that will save us money, make our country more secure, and fight global warming.

Thanks for all that you do to protect the environment.

Mary Anne Hitt
Sierra Club Big Picture Campaign

P.S. Please forward this message and help spread the word to your friends and family!

[1-2] “Sierra Club Applauds New Fuel Economy Rules,” September 15, 2009.

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