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This well written article was in my Facebook inbox.  Just finished reading and felt the information presented by Nicolas would be of great interest to others.  Would really appreciate your comments on this topic… CSea Perkins



As we scan the globe for signs of environmental degradation, Earth is showing physical signs of man made diseases, electro-magnetic field weakness, ecological contamination and physical signs of specie extinction visible everywhere on this planet. Forty percent of the Earth’s surface has been converted into farmland and half of the tropical forests have been destroyed or degraded. Productive pastor lands are turning into deserts, and low coastal regions are threatened by further increasing flood zones. Flooding will increase in this upcoming decade, contributing to multiple super-strain viruses evolving during this ongoing “Climatic Crisis,` rapidly `spreading out world wide.

Our earth’s protective atmospheric skin or Ozone have also been damaged, fresh water is declining in quality and quantity, plant and animal species are displaced and going extinct every hour, this is the end result of increased food consumption and over population on this planet. There are many species of fish that exist only in small isolated oceanic pockets that still remain pristine.

The ozone layer or skin, is a mass of oxygen or O3 atoms that serve as shield in the atmosphere against the harmful ultra violet sunrays. Ozone being made up of oxygen atoms, oxygen react with carbon monoxide, this reaction would use up more oxygen atoms

When there are more carbon monoxide atoms going to the atmosphere, the volume of oxygen would decline, such is the case of ozone depletion. Another dangerous side effect that deforestation has is the water table underneath the ground. The water table is a source of drinking water for people living around forested areas. The supply of water underground could also dry up if not replenished regularly. Forest’s absorb most of the rain fall to the soil through their roots.

Plant species are disappearing along with tropical forests. As the world population increases yearly, the million dollar question is, how much can this earth, having this environmental stress factor really handle? We may eventually revert backwards into stone age and possible ice age conditions, the worst case scenario is the Mars comparison, having no plant life to support the biospheric living conditions above ground.

Our future energy and food consumption will double and create strenuous, epidemic conditions. Humanity will be required to work more in order to secure shelter and food, prices will eventually skyrocket, basic food commodities will be scarce and expensive. This collective human carbon print is bound to have a negative impact on the environment and well being of this planet. Very little is said or exposed on media or government levels concerning this major deforestation and depletion crisis.

We all have to think more “Green“ preserve and regulate over-consumption, North America’s wasteful consumption and unsustainable ideologies have to be changed. Our out dated and modern day model creates economic and social inequalities in less fortunate countries around the world. Narrowing this gap between rich and poor, will enhance food and water security along with health care, there is no legitimate reason for world poverty to exist in this century.

Energy impacts every aspect of our lives, energy to cook, heat our homes, drive our cars, these are only some of our basic needs:

Wikipedia defines, deforestation as;“ The conversion of forested areas to non-forested land as pastures, urban use, logging purposes, that can result in land and waste land. In many countries, deforestation is ongoing, reshaping climate and global geography. Deforestation is the final end result from the removal of trees. Without sufficient reforestation, this results in declining specie habitat and bio-diversity, wood for fuel and industrial use, diminishing the quality of life“.

Human induced deforestation may be accidental such as in the case of forests in Europe adversely affected by (acid rain). Improperly applied logging, fuel wood collection, fire management (grazing) can also lead to unintentional deforestation.

Most anthropogenic (human) deforestation is deliberate. The future consequences of deforestation are largely unknown, this unknown X- category also fits into my ex-pollution theory, because it lacks unknown scientific data, further studies have to be made.

Deforestation is the process of converting forested land like we mentioned earlier, into non-forest sites that are ideal for crop raising, urbanization and industrialisation have drastically affected these deforested sites. The effects of deforestation can be classified and grouped in categories such as, deforestation habitat depletion zones, bio-diversity and toxic side effects, environmental and social settings.

Deforestation basically involves killing trees in forest’s which then create various affected regions that can only be enumerated as results of the activity. When the forest is destroyed, nature has to basically provide for the loss of this void and renew the damaged forest. Reforestation is one concept that is used by replanting trees, but this method is proven to be a much harder effort than deforestation.

This simply means, the rate of deforestation has not been offset by the rate of reforestation. The environment has already been dramatically affected by deforestation. The X-factor concerning the actual damage done cannot be measured or predicted by science, this man made condition is further contributing to air pollution and global warming. Pollution is rapidly growing because of deforestation and there also seems to be an ever growing population explosion that demands more deforestation. Forests help in reducing Co2 levels in the air, the extended depletion of these groups of trees is gradually increasing the risk that carbon monoxide would reach the atmosphere, resulting in the depletion of the ozone layer.

Water sinks into the ground and eventually replenishes the supply of water in the water table.
Forest depletion causes water falling down as rain, thus flooding occurs instead of absorbing the water, the earth’s surface not being able to retain the rain by the soil. Water from rain does not stay in soil long because of the evaporation, trees absorb the water and retain it. The water table is then un-replenished, leading to drying up the wells.

Forest’s include various species of plants and trees, they also have different natural regions that occupy this space which means, various animals around these plant species world wide are in danger of losing their accustomed habitation grounds. Many of these animals could still be saved if Man would be able to reforest these regions and malpractice of slash and burning of the forest would be totally abandoned.

Man has taken a way the homes from all of these animals, creating a homeless and desolate environment for these creatures. Future development should consider working with the environment and not against it. We should learn how to incorporate the forest and be part of this beautiful nature.

Cities with concentrated smog pollution should consider reforestation, incorporating more of these trees within the city community even if it means planting on top of high-rise buildings and homes. Incorporating a garden over your roof may not be appealing with your home design, but this would actually insulate your home during the summer and also be able to absorb Co2 emissions, recycling back clean oxygen into the air.

One major effect of deforestation is climate change, abrupt changing temperatures in nearby communities, lack of photosynthesis in big cities increase carbon levels and lack of cooling down communities that live in hot areas like Arizona, trees and plants naturally cool down and help retain moisture in the air.

Deforestation is contributing to increased global warming, climate around the globe becomes warmer as more harmful rays of the sun come through our atmosphere, not absorbed by plants that filter these harmful UV rays.

We should all plant trees and have gardens in our back yards and roof tops, even on top high rise apartment buildings. This change will be good for our health and the environment. Trees provide oxygen, they also absorb carbon dioxide which also cools the planet, Mankind’s well being depends on these plants and forests.

The forest provides us with food, shelter, warmth, and oxygen, this a vital component, it must be respected and protected.
New renewable energy like, solar, wind, bio-fuels and hydro contribute only a minuscule global percentage of the total energy package. Although we are headed in the right direction using clean energy, we will have to partially include oil products while new transitions are made.

Author: Nicolas Hermes.

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