The Un-Natural Selling Approach

givingIf the sales approach you are using doesn’t work, do something differently.  Take the time to accept that it is not working and get over it so you can move on.   You have read several of Michael Oliver’s thoughts on this topic and today he shares a very simple, honest method.  You may wish to do the same… CSea Perkins


Those of you who have been around a while might remember the UnCola advertisements that advertised the beverage 7-UP.

Well, I heard an Un-Natural Selling approach and yet to my mind it’s so simple I wished I had thought of it myself. I didn’t! Art Jonak did, a friend and successful distributor. And I heard of it through John Fogg!

And it’s this.

When you are talking with anyone, do them the courtesy of letting them know you have started a new business, or that you’re in business for yourself.

That’s it! Profoundly simple.

In case you need help in that, you could say;

  • “Just want to let you know that I’m in business for myself as an independent distributor.”
  • “Hey! I just started my own business.”
  • “Thought you might like to know I recently started my own business as an independent distributor.”

You get the idea.

Or do you? Does the idea make you nervous? Does your mind start imagining that people might respond negatively?

If it does – now really!!

Does it really matter what others think? Are you going to let their experiences, thoughts, ideas, feelings, prejudices, judgments etc., determine how you think and manage your life? If you do, then consider how you will prevent yourself from being, doing and having what is your universal right because you allow others to dictate what you think and how you feel.

Yes that’s right. You choose how you think and feel!

Understanding and acting on that releases you or stops you from being a victim.

Here is something to help you. After you’ve made your announcement, detach from the idea of having to go into any explanation about your business. Relax. Free yourself from it. If you’re asked – reply. If you’re not asked – let it go. You’ve stated your intention. It’s in the universe and the greater intelligence will guide and help you along the path.

To help you even more, consider listening to one of my Power Up Your Dialogue CD’s called “Introducing Your Business And Products”. They will help you ask the right questions to start a conversation to help them understand and buy your solution. You can click here to get it….

So without delay, make sure you let at least five people you know today that you’re in business for yourself. You’ll feel better and be glad you did!

Have a peaceful and prosperous week…

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