Greening Fleets; know your tools

calculate so you can reduce your basline

calculate so you can reduce your basline

The following article is food for thought, techniques and what matters to Fleet Managers and owners. Convert the information into valuable questions and / or responses when interviewing the decision makers.

Given that we are focused on reducing global toxic emissions, get to know some of the tools available to help your prospective Clients understand the positive impact they will make.  With these additional tools you can effectively communicate our solution and convert it into the metric tons of carbon emissions you can reduce per year… CSea Perkins, CFA


Reprint:  A road map to lower costs and cleaner corporate fleets

Calculate Your Emissions

Use our fleet greenhouse gas emissions calculator to help you set emissions goals and track progress.

Jason Mathers, Project Manager, Green Fleets

Fuel-Smart Training

Our free module teaches fleet drivers about fuel-smart best practices.


Cut operating costs — By improving efficiency, a greener fleet can greatly reduce lifecycle costs and buffer volatile fuel prices.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions — Greening your fleet can quickly shrink your company’s overall carbon footprint, since a car fleet is often a large slice of a firm’s emissions.

Improve corporate reputation — Companies today are expected to set and achieve environmental goals. Green fleet management can provide measurable results.

Our Results

The Five-Step Green Fleet Framework


  • 1. Set Goals
  • 2. Select Vehicles
  • 3. Improve Use
  • 4. Offset
  • 5. Report

Step 1: Measure Emissions and Set Goals

Understand your fleet’s current greenhouse gas emissions. Simple calculations allow you to track greenhouse gas emissions based on how much fuel is consumed.

  • Create a baseline by collecting fuel consumption data.
  • Calculate your greenhouse gas emissions using our online tool.
  • Develop a goal to reduce emissions over time.
  • Report your progress over time.


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