Cold Calling Formula

photo by Niki Parks

photo by Niki Parks

This is a reprint from Michael Oliver’s wealth of information offered to us all.  His teachings have enlightened, empowered and given individuals the ability to master their trade.

Nothing is too big or daunting when you want it bad enough; focus on their needs and yours are fulfilled!

I’ve often commented that calling leads from a genuine lead list is one of the most effective and comfortable ways to build your business.

The reason for this is simple.  The people you’re calling have already “raised their hands”… they’ve indicated a need… they’re interested in making a change and doing it through a home-based business.

And during these interesting times with the global economy in uncharted waters, and a new economy and new world emerging, one thing is for certain… more and more people will be looking for and open to a different way to secure their present situation and future. They’ll start replying more frequently to home business opportunities.

They’ll also be looking for someone authentic they can trust and work with when they are called back.

And responding to and calling them is another skill set that will serve to help you grow and secure your own future.

So, using a good lead list or generating your own leads has great advantages.

However, if you find that your conversion ratios are very low…

and by that means, you’re calling a lot of leads to have one person join you… then it could be the way you’re approaching your leads that is the cause of the problem.

For example, many Network Marketers are taught to;

* Use “canned” scripts when they call leads.

* Focus on getting the person as quickly as possible to listen in on a conference call or go to a website which will “close” them on the opportunity.

And therein lies the cause of the problem that makes most people automatically resistant to you.

They feel as if you’re treating them as nothing more than sheep being rounded up. They can see through your agenda and they can hear that it’s not really about helping them realize their needs

– it’s about you realizing yours!

It’s no surprise that people hate being treated this way… and they respond by creating resistance through raising objections and rejecting you.

So, to help you from falling into this trap, ask yourself this question… “Why has this person responded to my advertisement/website about my business opportunity?”

The answer is that something is missing and they’re looking to make a change in their lives.

So your job is to find out what that is by interviewing them and allowing them to talk about it. You’re looking to discover if your solution will fit what they’re looking for.

Equally important, you want to discover if they are the kind of person that you’re looking for.  Someone who will be an enthusiastic and keen member of your team.

I’m sure you’ll agree that starting off the conversation on the right foot is critical.

Here’s the six-step formula I suggest for calling and connecting with someone from a lead list:

Step 1: State who you are.

Step 2: Where you are from.

Step 3: Give them a “heads up” as to why you’re calling, by referencing and reminding them that they asked you to.

Step 4: Ask them if this is a good time.

Step 5: Discover if they are still looking.

Step 6: Find out their present situation and ask how you can help them.

And here’s a question that you can use (and adapt for your circumstances) in Step 6 at the start of the conversation when calling a lead…

“Before I talk about what I’ve got, perhaps you can tell me…

what was it about the advertisement that attracted your attention?” (Or some other Needs Awareness Question).

So, when you’re calling leads, focus on your purpose, which is to discover how you can help the person that you’re calling. You’ll find your calls both more productive and more enjoyable.

Have a peaceful and prosperous week…


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