It is time to catch up to the current way of thinking

Perspective ... photo by Rose Thrasher

Perspective ... photo by Rose Thrasher

What is your reality? Is it the same as your neighbors, other family members, friends or business associates?  Of course not.  There are inevitably similarities; which does not mean ‘the same’.

Allow yourself to see changing times, changing thoughts and decision making realities that people feel in today’s environment. Think about history, compare how we did business in direct sales 10 years ago, vs 20 or 30 years ago vs. today.  The trends and the historical economic models prove the changes in the way people think and do as a direct reaction to the times.  Understand what is happening in their minds today before attempting to communicate comfortably.

Be ‘in the zone’ when talking to anyone and everyone; know the news, don’t avoid it. Many will coach us to avoid the news for it is too depressing.  It could be education, not depression.

The past gives us the facts to determine what worked and what didn’t.  What we can repeat and what should not be considered.  Experience is a textbook for reference, not dwelling.  Use it as a tool for decision making; be aware of how people think TODAY vs. YESTERDAY.

Make a difference by effectivily communicating and serving others. Yes, service others, have their best interest in mind when speaking with them.  Notice I said ‘with them’ not ‘to them’.  Enhance your communication skills.

Believe yourself and say often “I must know what to say to people”. Allow them to feel like they have known you most of their life.  Certain things that all great salespeople in this recession say, are effective.  They know to take advantage of the recession.  They begin to prosper when the cycles moves toward expansion.

Knowing the trends and placing yourself in the minds of others leads to comfort and success in mutual communications.

It is NOT about saying and doing what people expect; you are taking advantage of them and they see it, they feel it and they move away from it.

Be a solutions provider; listen to the problems shared with you.  They are asking for help.

2009©CSea Perkins

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