Handling Objections, kick fear out

Cherokee WisdomIt’s the same reason why using “objection handling” techniques don’t work when addressing a potential partner’s or customer’s fear about something!

These techniques are based on addressing the symptoms of the problem and not the cause of it! If the cause isn’t addressed and resolved, the fear will never go away!

Oh I know some distributors will claim that using objection handling techniques will work. Yet when I ask them the question, “Of the number of people you use these techniques on, how many people actually respond positively?” – the answer is always very small!

And when I ask further as toHow many of those people actually take action?”, it works out to about 1%.

These are mail order odds! You might be better off time and energy wise, sending out mailers!

The Answer

So if you want to help others address their fears, (and perhaps your own) ask questions around;

  • Where does this fear come from? (The cause of it?)

  • Is it real or is it perceived?

  • Whether real or perceived, ask if the fear is serving them? The answer is usually self evident. If it’s not serving them, then…

  • Ask them what they think they can do about it. This puts the onus and responsibility on them making a commitment to make a change, and it takes it off of you having to tell them… which we know rarely works.

  • Asking “Discovering” types of questions like these will give both of you a better chance to permanently resolve the issue and move on.

    Have a peaceful and prosperous week…

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