Bill 118 – countering distracted driving / promoting green transportation act

where are the eyes looking?

where are the eyes looking?

Bill 118 – countering distracted driving / promoting Green Transportation Act

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  1. by Peter Frebold

    About screens visible to the driver, bout time, see time and time again at night, small DVD players on the dash playing while driving. Scary

    No hand helds, that is a start till they become aware of the zombification that occurs from EMF in an enclosed car. Now you will have the cell phone and the wireless earpiece.

    Trucking industry items mentioned should be audio menu driven with no screen visible. Paying attention to dispatch order while in traffic…. see below

    About exceptions. just last week was chatting with a friend whose Daughter driving a car was stopped at a light and was rear ended by an officer whose first comment when approaching the victim, I just looked up and there you were. (computer monitor) of course now after the fact being denied. When is it crucial to have this available while moving, hopefully not during high speed chase? As for fire vehicles, are there not more than one occupant… could one not be a navigator.

    Multitasking is not what it is cracked up to be. Depends what you are doing. Chewing gum and walking fine, but two tasks that require undivided attention, one is going to suffer. ie parent reading news paper and tells child they are listening to them. Then at a later date you never told me that. This hopefully a none life threatening example.

    Hope everyone is enjoying fall


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