Measure your Success and Receive Abundance

ProudGrandmamaSuccess holds a unique definition by each of us.  I find that when writing down the goals and attaching a ‘due date’ helps me achieve them even quicker. It is a visual motivation that marks progress and encouragement.

Your success choice may be to become President of the United States or the local Community Organization or to simply get a job.  There are so many variables and only you can determine what it is that you want to achieve your successes.

Do you read and stimulate your mind about your untapped greatness and the immense opportunities available to us each and every day?

Do you encourage others to achieve; this furthers your own progress because of the boomerang anticipated.  The energy will come back to you, in greater amounts than you gave.  It is a law.  You don’t need to have faith, this is not a religion, it is a science.

Success could be the amazing birth of a Grandchild, your only child becoming an RN and charge nurse over the Neuro floor at the hospital and your dog living to beat the Guinnes World Book of records.

Success might be learning to read, communicate effectively, get the fence up or the leak fixed.

You get my drift; you choose what your goals are, how to achieve them and the level of success as your reward.

Measuring the progress of your goals, the manifestation of your dream board or the graduation of the first person in your lineage from college are all indicators that life is going your way.

Do you desire life to go ‘more’ your way?  Give of yourself until you can give no longer; the reward will be your freedom.  The ability to know, unconditionally that ‘it is what it is’ for a reason, to allow you to grow and achieve even more.

Keep a log, be honest, be in gratitude and challenge yourself to take just one more step, regardless of the results you already achieved. You CAN push yourself beyond what you perceive your limits to be.

No pain, no gain.  Step out on a limb and go for it; achieve something so grand.  Go where you have never walked before.

Then help innumerable people do the same.

Practice makes comfort; start looking at the real picture.  Measure your spending, measure your earnings, your goals and achievements.  Know what you are made of, then give that extra oomph for more success.

CSea Perkins

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